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Forced Relaxation

What if  your doctor confronted you with a diagnoses of a life-changing disorder? What if he asserted that, starting immediately, you must drastically cut your activities and focus on only one or two things? What if he told you in no uncertain terms you may never live the same way again, ever?

What would you change about your life? What would you quit doing? What would you decide is intrinsically important?  What would you cry for? What would you throw out without a second thought?

This very thing happened to me at the beginning of this year. I was diagnosed with an obscure auto-immune disorder, affecting several systems in my body.  With rest, lifestyle change, and medication, I can live a very nice life.  But the Lord had huge changes in store for me.

After nearly two months, I can clearly say that I am happier than ever before.  For the first time, I am living my priorities with very little distraction.  I am still taking steps to eliminate more encumberances and looking forward to a great year of health and happiness. But it took laying aside some weights.

What do you wish you could lay aside? What is keeping you from living the way you want to live, or the way you believe is right?


  1. Marybella says

    LeaAnn. I love that you are blogging. This is definately one of your gifts. I enjoy reading what you write and hearing what you say. You still “disciple” me :). Please know that you are always in my prayers. Love to you all. In Christ always- MC


  2. La-arni says

    Hi, Lea!

    Thanks for writing this blog. This was truly a blessing and at the same time a rebuke, a reminder to me that I have some “weights to lay aside”.

    God bless always.



  3. My friend,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and a little of your journey with us. I thought about you yesterday and was wondering how things were going. If you ever have time and the ability, plus the leading, I would love to hear more details about the path on which the Lord has led you. Still remembering you in my prayers every time the Lord brings you to mind. Love you much.

    Your sister,


  4. Bridgette says

    Wow, this post does make you stop and think…

    I know that you have been fighting something for a while now but did not know you were diagnosed.

    I am thankful for you and the testimony He is giving you, and words of wisdom from the trial you are learning from.


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