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Home School Boy Deters Crime

Local Lad Learns Lesson from Logic

I was driving my four children on multiple errands around the Dallas metroplex today, enjoying the sunshine and the classical radio station.  We were stopped at a traffic light, several cars back, when suddenly  my oldest son broke into my reverie with a somber announcement:

“A robbery will take place soon at that gas station on your right, Mom.”

I chuckled and fished in my purse for my lip gloss.

“I’m serious, Mom,” he calmly continued.  “A man with a ski mask and a shopping bag just went into that Shell station. It is too warm for a ski mask and you don’t carry that type of bag into a gas station. He is a bad guy.”

The light turned green, and I was a quarter of a mile down the road before my conscience got the best of me.  I called 911.
  The dispatcher kept me on the line until the police arrived, then I hung up, somewhat embarrassed and pretty sure I would never call again.

A few minutes later, an unknown number called me back. “Mrs. Garfias? This is Officer So-And-So. Did you just report suspicious activity at {certain intersection}?”

Embarrassed, I tried to explain my son’s perception of the situation and my reluctance to let someone get shot because I wouldn’t call.  I began to promise not to do it again, when he interrupted.

“That was your SON? How old is he?”


“How did he know that was wrong behavior, ma’am? Most police officers would not be that observant!”

“Well, he is home educated, and he has been studying hard in his logic lessons lately.”

“Tell him I said, ‘Well done,’ ma’am.  And also, please remind him not to ever hesitate to report such suspicious activity again. I was in the shopping plaza just behind the gas station, and ran into the station as soon as you called in.  Most likely, we prevented a serious crime because of your son’s quick thinking.  Thank you very much!”


  1. Jewelry princess says

    So PROUD of Gian!!!!! Van enjoyed the story too! (Kinda makes you glad your kids weren’t watching videos as they rode around town, right?!)


  2. Greg says

    Nice story! It is “ski” mask, not “sky.”

    The snow comes out of the sky and you ski on it.


  3. Leslie Dawn Neagle says

    Lea Ann, What an awesome story♥What’s important is that he knows how to-C-A-R-E-♥ Praise God from whom all blessings flow…


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