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A Life Well Spent


A Life Well Spent

I came across this painting last week, and it so moved me I just could not get it out of my mind.  Before I discuss it, though, I wanted to give you a chance to view the work yourself.  What does this piece say to you? Does it move you particularly? What stands out?


    • I like the quotes you wrote in your article. I like that book, too. I will write a review of it later; I bought it to inspire Adana and I toward graceful, creative domesticity. I read it aloud while we work on our handiwork in the evening. Do you see it on my stack of books at right?

      ~ Lea Ann


  1. *Love the mom with the 4 kids around her.
    *Looks like 3 of them want to be near her and the boy is there because he’s being reprimanded for something. She’s got that “look” in her eye and he’s got his head cocked.
    *The eldest daughter wants to be just like her Mama which is why she’s next to the baby with a book on her lap.
    *Mama knows how to multi-task: she’s watching her children, darning a sock while reading a book (I think aloud to them) and stopping to scold her son who was probably fidgeting during the story.
    *Everyone is dressed and well groomed for the day (I say as I sit typing in my pj’s).
    *My favorite thing is that she is WITH her children, not everyone off doing their own things.
    Thanks for sharing this picture. I love it! (Gonna go read Shanda’s post now) =)


  2. Jewelry princess says

    Thank you for sharing this piece! It’s beautiful! And, what an inspiration! A great reminder that we don’t have to “shoo off” our children while we do our “work.” I think this would be a great piece to have in our homes!
    As for the handiwork…I nearly break out in hives with sewing, cross stitch etc. However, our sweet girl seems to be creative, so I may need to push myself to teach her…
    I read the above mentioned blog also. Great thoughts! I think that book is going on my wish list.
    In order to save money and deal with some food sensitivities, I have been doing a LOT of “from scratch” cooking and baking. I find myself enjoying it a lot.
    I enjoy your post encouraging us as wives, moms and “home”makers. Thank you.


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