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Where Should the Pilgrims Go?

Long ago, a group of people became extremely concerned about the future of their children.  They wanted a different life for them than that of the community around them, but simple “sheltering” wasn’t enough.  They did not merely want to educate their children in an alternative manner or teach them higher moral values; these parents desired to produce a line of families that would continue on for a completely different purpose. To that end, they moved.

They moved to a new world.

They were pilgrims.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=pilgrim&iid=7202640″ src=”3/4/4/3/Pilgrim_Fathers_members_2350.jpg?adImageId=11181386&imageId=7202640″ width=”500″ height=”367″ /]

They were ostracized. They were demonized.  They sacrificed and they died.  But they saw “a city, whose builder and Maker is God” and they pointed their children ever toward it. 

We inherited their dream.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=prayer+family&iid=74927″ src=”0071/4273243a-b551-49db-9649-e3a41487f319.jpg?adImageId=11181693&imageId=74927″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

Today, another family desires the same inheritance for their progeny.  They have risked all to ensure their children will be brought up differently than their native culture.  They have left all to find seek their family’s spiritual fortune at the ultimate cost. 

Click here to read Time Magazine’s take on their story.

The land that was founded by the sojourning parents of old is suddenly hostile to the similar plight of these like-minded pilgrims.

Not an educational debate, this recent turn of events shows our current culture’s animosity toward true family values.  Patriotic Americans cannot remain silent while the foundation of our heritage is so blatantly attacked.

 This is the land of the pilgrim, the family, the “hungry yearning to be free.” How long will we fight to keep it that way?


  1. Jewelry princess says

    Very well said, Lea Ann. I think a very “telling” statement in that article was: It’s a very “tricky decision politically…” Yes, politically I can see the danger…and we know how selfishly motivated our politicians and even some in the court system are, unfortunately. I think you are so right that it is about more than the freedom to educate how we see fit. Great comparison to the Pilgrims!


  2. I read that same article a few days ago too. It takes some real guts to move your family to a whole different country to stick to your values. In MY America, those are the kind of people that should be here!


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