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Great New Book List

By popular opinion, I have added a list of my “great book reading.” You can find it at the top of my site, or by clicking here.

I sincerely hope you will suggest any books you find in the next few months (or years!) that I have omitted from my list; I will continue adding to the list periodically.  And I could use some encouragement now and again if anyone would like to join my book-club-of-one!

So far, I have finished both selections by Homer.  I will jot down my thoughts for all you curious.  And to pique your curiosity … my favorite book was the one that made me most furious!


  1. Bridgette says

    DO you have a good book list on hand to recommend for children to read? Just curious…


  2. I tell ya, these folks are so demanding! You give them an adult list and now they want a children’s list too! Thanks for the list and you can add my vote for a children’s list too. 😉 Hey, that might be a good topic for one of your upcoming HSE articles. “Good books to read to your toddlers.” It’s certainly something I could use! We go to the library every Friday and we’ve read just about everything in the small toddler section…I’m ready to venture into the older JV stuff, but not too sure where to begin. I’ve looked at our library’s reading list and wasn’t too impressed with the numerous selection of ‘books made from TV shows’ that were on it.


    • Twighee’s right, my “public” has become demanding!

      That is an excellent idea for an article. I was going to do book reviews here, but I may need to start pages soon, too.


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