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The Heart of Home Schooling


In The Heart of Home Schooling: Teaching & Living What Really Matters, Chris Klicka shares what Biblical child The Heart of Home Schoolingrearing is like in a “real life” family with “real life” problems.  Klicka begins with a Scriptural defense of home education, then he moves quickly into practical application of God’s principles.  Copious Bible references ground this work and bring the home educator’s heart toward that of God.

Scripture speaks to every area of life. Education is unescapably religious.  Every subject, as a result, needs to be studied through the lens of God’s Word.  If parents do this, their children will be equipped for every  good work and be able to apply God’s principles to every area of life. 

Klicka speaks to home educators on the issues they face daily: the temptation to give up and send the children off to an institution “just like everyone else;”  the weariness from neglect of the parents’ spiritual relationship with God; the difficulty of child rearing while child educating; and the distress of homeschooling during trials.  He not only tells how to fight these battles Biblically, but he shares personal testimony of God’s grace toward his own family.

I, personally, read with interest of his family’s spiritual and health trials during their home education journey.  Far from a “perfect homeschool family,” this family had every excuse to quit yet endured by God’s grace alone.  Such an example of faith gives me hope that I can continue to run with patience in my own small difficulties.

There are few “homeschool” books that I have purchased for myself.  This is one that sits on my own bookshelf.


  1. Thanks for sharing…I’ll be adding this one to my amazon wishlist =) …just added it. Looks like it could use another review… interested in copying this one over to amazon?


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