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Don’t Believe the Propaganda, Part I

One big reason parents fear to educate their own children is due to the war of words we are engaged in.  The current culture has bought the propaganda: You cannot teach your children.  God’s plan is radically different:

Train up a child in the way he should go.

Ever since “You shall not surely die,” Satan has directly attacked the plan of God by accusing Him of lying.  And God’s people are, at times, deceived.

Be not deceived, God is not mocked,

For whatsoever a man soweth,

That shall he also reap.

In encouraging mothers in training their own children, I have found myself fighting against this lie every single day. I hear it repeated back to me in emails, messages, and phone calls.  “How could I teach my own children?” or “How would I know if my children are ‘on the right track’?” or “What if my children don’t learn what they would learn in a school?” These are all variations of The Lie.

The Lie is being perpetuated in several sources.  Today, I would like to point out The Lie as it is communicated by the institutions themselves.  I found these advertisements in “free” parenting magazines for my area.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=school+children&iid=274715″ src=”0271/683b4315-0884-4a06-8396-29189018868e.jpg?adImageId=12565418&imageId=274715″ width=”380″ height=”255″ /]

“curriculum driven programs in upscale, state of the art centers, complete with camera access, and led by trained professionals.”

{Who wants to be driven by curriculum? How long is ‘state of the art’ state of the art? I have access to cameras at my house. The phrase “trained professionals” brings this to mind (pause music at right, first):

“strengthen your child’s critical-thinking, math and reading skills and build their character and self-esteem … They will learn from Internationally ranked instructors”

Since my husband is from Peru, we can do that here at home, too.

“92% of parents surveyed said they would recommend {our program} to a friend!”

I think in the home education community, this percentage is much higher. I know that 100% of my progeny recommend it.

“Experience North America’s most reputable technology program.  Over 100,000 students worldwide have learned to create video games, websites with Flash, digital movies, iPhone, and Facebook apps, robots, 3D models, and animations with products experts use in their professions.”

My husband is a professional, and he is expressly forbidden from using any of those in his workplace.

“For a quarter of a century we have been giving children the opportunity to develop at their own pace in a safe and nurturing environment.”

Me, too. Home Education has been doing that since God created the first family.

“Offering single-gender classes on a co-ed campus”

Me, too. {giggle!}

“Whether your child is 12 weeks or 12 years, high quality education is of great value, especially at {our institution}.  Children get a safe, flexible environment and age-specific curriculum that helps them learn better, faster.  And now, you’ll get FREE REGISTRATION when you enroll your child!” 

Me, too! And free tuition, flexible vacations, unlimited sick days for students and teachers, tailored schedule, and year-round  and round-the-clock learning. 

“{Our Institution} nurtures the development of children 2 to 5 years old and provides parents the opportunity to participate directly in the education of their young children.  Our school provides a rich environment with abundant space and materials for growing toddlers and preschoolers.”

Parents can’t participate more than teaching themselves. It amuses me how much an institution tries to replicate the home while actually avoiding the home.

“*Multisensory Approach

 *Small classes

*Organizational skills

*Self Discipline

*Time Management

*Solid Academics

Competitive Sports, Fine Arts, Social Activities, Community Service”

Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Quad-Check”

“Nurturing Your child’s Natural Love of Learning

*One-Year Olds Through Sixth Grade

*Nurturing Environment

*Cultural Field Trips

*Large, Grassy Playground

*Individualized Curriculum”

Again, are we just trying to act like home? Let’s go home!

Take a look at the ads for institutions in your area and become aware of the message.  These public and private institutions need your funds and numbers to justify their existence.  They simply must sell their product.   The Lie is the same: you are not qualified to teach your own children and your home is not an adequate learning environment.  But look closely: what plan are they working hard to replicate? God’s plan for education is the most effective; thus, the institutions attempt to copy the appearance but not His means.

Recognizing the propaganda for what it is may be your first step to changing your mind.

Advertisements quoted from Dallas Child Magazine, March 2010 and Suburban Parent of East Dallas, February 2010

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