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My Birthday Testimony – Adana Garfias

 Today is my only daughter and special Princess’s ninth birthday.  I am so happy for her and have enjoyed celebrating God’s blessings with her and family members this past weekend. To commemorate this milestone in her life, Adana asked me a few week’s ago if she could share her testimony with my readers.  She had read a very moving and honest written account of God’s grace sent to me by a homeschool graduate; the young woman’s spiritual depth and honest had a profound influence on Adana.  She resolved to be more transparent and open regarding God’s teachings to her.  So, here is her testimony in her own words. 

Adana soon after moving to Texas

Adana soon after moving to Texas

My name is Adana Garfias.  I am  9 years old.  I have 4 brothers. 

This story starts five years ago.  I was 4 years old, Leandro was 2, and Gian was 7. 

I was bitter because we had moved from Connecticut to Texas.  I was already missing Connecticut, my best friends (Kaitlyn and Abby) and our apartment. I hated our new house. 

Two years later, a baby boy arrived at our house.  I hated him.  All the attention was going to him. 

Before that, I got a dog named Cocoa.  After Xzavian was born, I thought Cocoa was the only one I could go to.  She was like a best friend or a sister to me.  

When I turned six, I decided to get saved.  God knew I wasn’t ready.  I couldn’t remember what Jesus died on

reading to my brother
reading to my brother

 the cross for. 

A few days later, to my surprise, the baby could stand up while holding on to something.  I wished my brother would disappear. 

Xzavian turned one. “It is a disaster!” I said to myself.  “Xzavian is already spoiled enough!” 

When November came, everyone was coming for Thanksgiving. 

watching fish

watching fish

The day before everyone was to come arrived.  Gian went into the bathroom.  Xzavian walked with his hand out next to the door.  Gian shut the door.  Xzavian’s finger was almost cut off.  Mom, Dad, and Leandro took Xzavian to the hospital, leaving Gian and I weeping at home.  I thought it probably was my jealousy that made him get hurt.  I learned never to shut the door when Xzavian is around.  I saw that Jesus protected Xzavian. 

When Xzavian came home, I hugged him with joy. Then I looked at John 3:16 in the Bible. 

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 

I understood Jesus loved me and He gave His life for me. If I believed in Him I would be saved.  It took me until I was 7 and 1/2 to get saved. 

I started going out on visitation with my Sunday School teacher.  The third month I was going out with her, I told Mom that a teenage girl had gotten saved.  Mom gently asked, “What does that mean to you, Princess?” because I was in need of Christ.  I sat silent as a mouse till we got home.  I tried to sneak into the house.  Mom stopped me.  We had a long talk.  I went to my room, weeping because it was hard to talk with my Mom about my sin.  Later, because I knew I needed Jesus, I talked again with Mom and Dad.  That night, I got saved.  Now, I am my mom’s sister in Christ! 

Adana today

Adana today

Now I am 9 years old and I still live in Texas.  Special thank you to Mom and Dad for being there and Erin Mallon for writing her testimony; it touched me, she was so honest.  And to Gian, age 11, and Leandro, age 7, and Xzavian, age 3 for loving me and cheering me on in this testimony. 

~ Adana


  1. Sarah says

    Thank you, Adana for sharing this with us. What a beautiful story of God’s grace. And, as a mom, it was an encouragement to me to see the “process” along the way which I believe my daughter is in the beginning of that. Happiest of birthdays, Princess!


  2. Sarah says

    Adana, thank you for sharing this with us. What a beautiful picture of God’s grace. And, as a mom what an encouragement to see the process God led you through to salvation. I believe I am seeing the beginning of that process in our daughter and it was special to see it in your life. Happiest of birthday wishes, Princess!


  3. Laurie Banman says

    Bless you! Your Mamma and Daddy must be so very glad God gave you to them to raise and teach you and your brothers!

    I am glad you chose to share your testimony with us and hope you continue as you grow older to grow in faith and knowledge of God and His great love He has shared with us all.
    God bless Laurie


  4. Keep sharing your testimony, Adana! And, keep writing, too, like your Momma! God will continue to use you both, I know.


  5. Miguel says

    Wow…. that was amazing… what a great testimony! Happy Birthday…. lol. Well i hope that you keep on reading the bible and studying it… Sometimes its hard to understand some of the things that are in it but if you ask God to guide you with his holy spirit I know he will give you more knowledge and UNDERSTANDING of his word. Im happy to hear this testimony. You have got to tell me more about it with more details someday. I think soon i’ll be going back to the U.S.A for a visit so when I get back we will have a chat so you can tell me all about your testimony face to face. Well I wish you a great HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May all your wishes come true.
    p.s this is your cousin Mickey from Peru…


  6. Mary says

    What a beautiful testimony Adana, it made me cry with Joy. God is wonderful! I hope you share this with everyone you meet, children and grown ups alike.


  7. La-arni says

    Hi, Lea. This was a beautiful testimony by Adana. (Made me cry). I will share this with my son and daughter. God bless.

    PS. Happy Birthday, Adana!


  8. Thank you so much, Adana (and Lea Ann), for sharing this beautiful testimony. It has given me much hope in trusting the Lord for the work He is doing in my Sammy’s heart. Thank you for the encouragment. God’s many blessings upon you as you learn to walk with Him, to hear His voice, and to follow Him every day.

    Your sister in Christ,
    Nicole (from Florida)


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