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Looking for a Good Read?

 In the July/August issue of Home School Enrichment, I discuss how to find great books for little ones in the article “Picture Books for Preschoolers: How to Choose Great Children’s Literature.”  If you have not yet subscribed to HSE, you can read the article free from the digital magazine here when the issue comes available soon.  To help with finding great books, I have begun listing some of my favorites for little ones here on whateverstate.  I will continue to review some of our favorites and add to the lists in the future.  For your convenience, you may see a preview of the book and even buy direct from Amazon by clicking the book beside each listing.  Enjoy browsing my list of picture books and first readers.


  1. THANK you for the list!! i look forward to the article in HSE. Didn’t know my new friend was a star 🙂
    You rawk!


  2. Thank you so much for your article! Yours is always the first one I read when the magazine comes. =) It was very helpful to me. I think I will start carrying around a book list in my purse too for our library trips. I’m also going to start my own list of favorite books. You have been a great encouragement to me; I hope to do the same for others as well.


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