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Review – Organized Ramblings

Organized Ramblings:

Home Education From A to Z

A Book Review, a Giveaway, and an Exclusive Offer!

How often have you wished you could simply have tea with an experienced home educator and glean from her years of wisdom? How many times have you needed a pick-me-up, a suggestion, or a humorous anecdote to ease your burden and remind you that you aren’t alone? Catherine Jaime gives you all this and more in Organized Ramblings: Home Education From A to Z.

I have read countless books on home education. I only recommend a few. Organized

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Ramblings by Catherine Jaime would be at the top of my list for mothers who need a “fresh look” at what they are doing.  I began taking notes for this review, and ended up highlighting huge sections of this informative and energetic book for my own use.  Catherine’s casual, friendly style couples easily with her wisdom from homeschooling 12 children. Her book is like an expert homeschool conference, years of homeschool magazines, and a trusted friend, all in one volume.

Organized Ramblings covers the gamut of issues homeschool mothers consider, from Art to Zoo, Fun to Philosophy, Bible to Unit Studies.  Catherine covers each topic with a thoroughness one expects from a veteran home educator, and the humor that comes with teaching a large family, yet none of the dogmatic insistence that plagues too many homeschool how-to manuals.  Each chapter gives information, suggestions, and real-life examples. Catherine realizes that home education is not one-size-fits-all and encourages families to raise independent learners within their own family style.

Catherine emphasizes “education is our goal, not schooling … and remember, throughout all of this, our job is not to raise godly children – it is to equip our children to become godly adults.  We are not just educating them, we are raising them, we are discipling them, we are training them. There is no one right way to teach our children at home.  Each family must make its own decisions prayerfully and carefully.  One of the things that is important throughout it all is balance: balancing school and life, family and others, expectations and reality.  Prayerfully work to keep that balance.” It is her balanced approach that makes this book such unique and valuable addition to my homeschool resources.

I have been greatly refreshed by my time getting to know Catherine Jaime over her Organized Ramblings and a few cups of tea.  I plan on re-reading it often, every time I need a word of encouragement

The Author

Catherine Jaime is the mother of 12, including 9 homeschool graduates.  She draws upon her 30 years of home education experience to support and encourage homeschool Catherine Jaimemothers in Organized Ramblings. She is the author of several books and homeschool products, including Math Facts Fun (previously featured on ) and Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy (soon to be featured on Whatever State).  You can find more of her products at her homeschool resource center, Creative Learning Connection, on the download site, CurrClick, and on the ebook website Smashwords.

The Offer

Organized Ramblings: Home Education From A to Z

sells on Amazon for $12.50 in paperback. Catherine Jaime also sells her book on CurrClick as an e-download for $3.  Catherine is giving a special discount for

Whatever State

readers.  You may download your own copy of Organized Ramblings for only $1!

The Giveaway!

Catherine Jaime is giving away one paperback copy of Organized Ramblings: Home Education From A to Z to a Whatever State reader! Each day, you have three chances to enter the random drawing, from now through Friday.  Help Catherine get the word out about her encouraging book by participating in each one of these each day:

1) Tweet this post!

2) Post about this great giveaway on your facebook page, then tell Catherine about it here!

3) Leave a comment below, telling Catherine why old and new homeschool moms need the wisdom and encouragement of veterans like herself.

The Winner

Congratulations to Many Hats Mommy, the randomly-chosen winner of this week’s contest!

Be sure to get your own copy of Organized Ramblings,  available in paperback on or by download on Currclick with the special $1 offer for WhateverState readers!

This review and giveaway is being conducted in compliance with FCC regulations and own giveaway policy. I was given one free copy of the book to review, and the views expressed are my own.  The amazon links are no longer affiliate links.


  1. Catherine,
    Thank you so much for writing this book of encouragement. I’ve not read it, but it sounds great from Lea Ann’s review! My mother has lamented of late the number of homeschooling moms who graduate their last children and then disappear from the homeschooling community. They seem to feel like they’ve had enough. But those same moms are some of the best resources for new homeschoolers. For this reason, my mother, homeschooler for 16.5 years with five kids and the third graduating in the spring, plans to stick around and be involved as much as she can to help those just starting out.

    I’ve acquired some of this spirit myself, having remained active at our state homeschool convention though I graduated nearly four years ago. I don’t often see many other graduates that come back more than a year or two after graduation. I’m sure they have other things they’re busy with, but I love being immersed in homeschooling stuff, and my favorite parts are hearing homeschool veterans talk or sharing with the new homeschoolers.


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  3. PS: I don’t have twitter or facebook, but I did post on my blog about your book. Of course, my traffic is slow just now, so it may not do a lot for getting the word out!


  4. As I look to adding the homeschool mom hat to my pile of hats, I think this book will be helpful. Even though I taught a classroom of upper elementary students, homeschooling my young PDD-NOS son intimidates me. Hoping to win! : )


  5. Elizabeth Price says

    I’m going to answer #3!
    The simple answer is Titus 2! Scripture lays the responsibility of teaching the younger women on the older woman. This would definitely include homeschooling!
    I know it’s a blessing to me to hear “been there done that” stories to let me know that I’m not alone it this process. I also appreciate the many ideas I glean from more experienced home educators.


  6. Rebecca G. says

    Hi Catherine,

    I tweeted and posted about your book on Facebook. Hope it helps to get the word out.

    I think it’s wonderful to have a fellow veteran homeschooling mom to share of what she’s gleaned from actually teaching her own children. I’ve been homeschooling my kids for 10 years, and I still have lots to learn.

    Thanks for putting such a wonderful resource together.

    God bless,
    Rebecca G.


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  8. My husband and I school our 8 children…2 have graduated and we’re schooling 6. I think it is absolutely wonderful what you have accomplished. To be able to offer inspiration to beginners and veterans. I tweeted about this article and will post on my wall at facebook too. I’m glad to help get the word out about you in some small way and I hope i win. I also want to look at your other products especially something for math..our children are all different in their learning styles. Each set of children alters the way I’m looking at learning.. at the time, which offers another opportunity for all of us. We’ve moved to another state recently and I’m mostly teaching charecter and other reality lessons for our daily living. Thanks Lea Ann for posting this Authors work.


  9. Dovey says

    This sounds like an amazing book that I would like to read over and over. Please enter me!


  10. Can you tell I want to win? I need this! : ) Here’s a new twist on a reason–fibromyalgia has clouded my brain cells and I can’t think like I used to. This will give me clear guidance.


  11. Yes, I do think it is great when experienced homeschool moms can give ideas, advice, and encouragement to all of us! I am also a long-time homeschooler, but still like to learn more from anyone– new or seasoned–and would like to read about Catherine’s ideas and experiences.


  12. As a veteran mother who has multiple homeschool graduates, her wisdom and knowleadge is like finding a pearl admist a storm. I am now on my second year of being a home educator…this books seems like a good read! I am always looking for more books on homeschool, and could do a review of it on my blog, and just being able to read about a veteran homeschool mom—just flat out give me encouragement to go on. Thank you! jaslinn77 at yahoo dot com ~from Jessica S.


  13. I tweeted and posted. Your book sounds wonderful. I am wavering on the brink of committing to homeschool, or homeschooling up until 6-10 years (my child is 2). Not having a flexible system to follow is probably the chief concern for me, so “reading the ropes” would help a lot!


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