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I’ll Be Home for Christmas

We aren’t back to the frantic, stressful Christmas, but we are observing a quiet, lovely, family celebration of God’s greatest gifts to us all. via

Are you ready for Christmas? I am … not quite.  But nearly.  The Christmas shopping is done, the presents are under the tree, the cards have been sent to the far reaches of the globe, the stories have been read, and the carols have been played.  It has been a wonderful Advent season so far.

At the Garfias house, we are looking forward to a great week of family and fun.  My husband has over a week off from the bank; that is something to celebrate, itself.  I have a houseful and a half of in-laws coming to share our holiday festivities, and many are staying for a good, long week.  It will be great to celebrate the holidays again with lots of love and laughter.

Yesterday, my daughter, Adana, and I sat down to make our list and check it twice, making sure we were prepared to make the final preparations.  We are list-makers, we two, and planning out the plan of attack just organizes our organization systems that much better.

When I looked at the list of things to do, then our broken-down list of daily tasks, I realized I had even more “top-secret” projects I wanted to finish up, besides.  There are a couple of hand-made gifts I haven’t quite finished yet, and stocking stuffers, and cookies, and crafts… There is a hefty book review I am working on right now that requires some serious theological study for background information … The fireplace looks so tempting, and spiced cider tastes so wonderful … And there is a certain Mark Twain autobiography I just received as a surprise gift and can’t seem to put down for long …

Most importantly, I have a few more days of our Advent Bible Study to finish with the children; the deep thoughts and spiritual truths we are gleaned are a tremendous gift from God Himself.  There is yet more Countdown to Christmas to appreciate and savor. I have a stack of picture books on the table to snuggle under a blanket with my 3-year-old and read.

One year ago, I missed out on most of Christmas because I was too ill to get off the sofa for long.  This year, I am treasuring each story, each ornament, each carol, each cookie that much more.  We aren’t back to the frantic, stressful Christmas, but we are observing a quiet, lovely, family celebration of God’s greatest gifts to us all.

So, although I really wanted to share so much more with you this next week … why I believe the Wise Men should be included in Nativity scenes; the importance of teaching our children to share their intangible gifts with others; the weight of Christmas cards; the best books for the season … I have decided, instead, to focus on what is more important right now. I’ll be home for Christmas, giving thanks with my loved ones.

In the meantime, you can keep up with our goings-on on twitter or facebook.  I’ll be back to regular posting after the holidays.  Look for Home Education information, a plethora of reviews and giveaways, and the great “Ask the Grad” series, then!

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

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