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My Favorite Chocolate Sauce

Today’s giveaway is so exciting, so fantastic, so extraordinary, only one word can describe it.


My Favorite Things – Giveaway Day Four

My Favorite Chocolate Sauce – Slickepott All Natural Fudge Sauce by Ian Lamont

Every day this week, to celebrate the unveiling of, I am hosting giveaways of my favorite products.  Five of my favorite companies have generously agreed to join the WhateverStateIAm festivities by giving their products to some of my subscribers.

Be sure to subscribe for your chance to win! Every email subscriber or WordPress subscriber is automatically entered THREE TIMES in each giveaway this week! Today, there will be six winners chosen! And every reader gets a special offer!

Today, I get to tell you about the most wonderful thing in the whole, wide world –


chocolate. And not just any chocolate – Slickepott All Natural Fudge Sauce.  You may be looking at the computer screen a little askance, wondering why I would go on and on about just some ole’ chocolate sauce. But let me tell you something in no uncertain terms:

This is the chocolate sauce that will change your life.

Slickepott is a Swedish term meaning to lick the spatula or bowl. That pretty much sums it up. Even though creator and homeschool graduate Ian Lamont claims that Slickepott tastes great stirred in coffee, drizzled over fruit, or poured on ice cream, I can’t stop myself from eating it right out of the jar. It is that good. Imagine eating fudge on a spoon, only way, way better. Better than truffles in a jar, better than chocolate cheesecake. Yes, I said it. Slickepott is the best.

The best part of Slickepott is what’s in it – six wholesome ingredients for simple chocolaty goodness. No chemical yuckyness, no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial nothings. I consider it health food.

This remarkable product has taken the world by storm, even starring in its own film.

Subscriber Giveaway and Special Offer!

Ian Lamont is generously giving away a jar of his delicious Slickepott All Natural to six subscribers. He is also giving this special offer to WhateverStateIAm readers:

Get 10% off your Slickepott order when you use this special link here. This special offer is good for US residents only. Hurry, this offer is through April 30, 2011.

~ If you are an email or WordPress subscriber to, you are automatically entered three times into the giveaway for my favorite chocolate sauce, Slickepott All Natural by Ian Lamont.

~ If you have not subscribed yet, subscribe now at the button on right to be entered three times in the drawing!

~ If you subscribe in a blog reader (like Google Reader or your smarty phone), tell me in a comment below.

~ For an additional entry, facebook or tweet this post and leave me a comment.

Come back tomorrow morning to find out which six subscribers win my favorite chocolate sauce, Slickepott All Natural. Thank you so much, Ian Lamont, for this generous and delicious giveaway! And be sure to come back tomorrow for my next favorite thing.  It is my most-used homeschool resource.


The following six subscribers won their own jar of Slickepott: Christian Homeschool Assoc. of PA; ladybug91; dana@epikardia; aharris954; amanda s; and littlekissesfromgod. Be watching for an important email regarding your shipment.

CHAP, please contact me through my contact form here regarding your contact information, so we can get your winning jar to you.

All other readers – don’t forget about the special offer for WhateverStateIAm readers! Be sure to take advantage of the special 10% off link for your own Slickepott!

Most of all, thank you to Ian Lamont of Slickepott All Natural for a generous and exciting giveaway!


  1. Dovey says

    I subscribe in google reader, but I will subscribe by email just to be entered three times for this!!!!!


  2. thejewelryprincess says

    I am *begrudgingly* sharing this on FB. 😉 Cannot wait to receive my jar in the mail!!! I can almost taste it through the screeen!


  3. Rhonda Gotcher says

    I know this is one of your absolute favorites because I have seen it several times on my Facebook newsfeed! Now, after reading today’s post, I will just have to order some because even if I happened to win a jar I doubt I would be successful at hiding it from the other 5 people in my house!


  4. I subscribed by e-mail AND posted to my facebook!! I absolutely love that chocolate fudge sauce. Oh my word. And now I’m excited about getting updates on your blog! I say homeschool grads unite 😉

    Thanks for entering me!


  5. Briana says

    I subscribed via e-mail, and I posted on Facebook. Many Hats Mommy sent me. This chocolate sauce sounds amazing! I love that it’s all-natural. Thanks to Ian Lamont for the generous giveaway!


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