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My Favorite Homeschool Book

The one homeschool book I use most.

I have read quite a few books on home education and teaching our children.  When my first son came close to school age, and my husband hinted he may want me to teach him at home, I checked out every book in the library on the subject.  That became a yearly tradition – check out all the books in the library on homeschooling or home education methods, to mentally compare and contrast them.  By the time we moved here to Texas, where the “homeschool” shelves at the library are full to overflowing, I thought I had read it all.  And I was not happy.

Though I took away a little from some books – some encouragement, a quick way to do something, a different point of view – I never found what I was looking for.  Each volume was written from the author’s point of view and asserted his opinion on education and child rearing. Entire methods of homeschooling centered around humanism and modernism – man-centered thinking. Many had a few verses thrown in or mentioned teaching Bible, but the focus was all wrong.

No homeschool book I read taught biblical home education – what is God’s way of teaching us, how does God intend we teach our children, what would a home that followed biblical methods look like. I had begun gleaning some principles from Scripture for myself, discussing the matter frequently with my husband.  I wanted a book that told “this is how I did it God’s way.”

During a park “play date” with another homeschooling friend, I lamented this problem.  I didn’t just mention it in passing. I went on and on and on as I am sometimes wont to do.  This patient friend just smiled in her wise way and passed me her copy of Teaching the Trivium: Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style. “This is what you have been searching for,” she said.

My Favorite Things – Giveaway Day Five

My Favorite Homeschool Book – Teaching the Trivium by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn

Every day this week, to celebrate the unveiling of, I am hosting giveaways of my favorite products.  Five of my favorite companies have generously agreed to join the WhateverStateIAm festivities by giving their products to some of my subscribers.

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Teaching the Trivium is  my favorite homeschool book for so many reasons. Actually, if you

only buy one homeschool book – other than your Bible – this book is all you need.  Teaching the Trivium explains in copious detail what God says about education, the development of the three-tired academic system known as classical study, and the degradation of modern education.  It is a call to take back what God originally gave His people and continue passing it out to our children.

Teaching the Trivium begins with an explanation of classical education. The Bluedorns clearly explain the difference between “humanist classical” and “biblical classical” training. They then contrast this biblical model with state and classroom models.  Next, they flesh out, in detail, the three-pronged knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that makes up godly training.  The remainder of the book is the “how-to,” explaining each academic subject and how it is incorporated easily into the biblical classical model and family life.

I read Teaching the Trivium several times within the first year of purchasing it.  It remains my most-used homeschool resource.  I refer to the appendix articles, particularly the copious “The Trivium in Scripture” constantly.  As my children grow and change, I check the lists, guides, and explanations frequently to aid my teaching.  Ever since I bought my copy, I haven’t stopped telling my friends, “This is the book you need.”

Subscriber Giveaway!

Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn are giving away a copy of Teaching the Trivium: Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style to 5 subscribers!

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Thanks to the Bluedorns for sponsoring this generous subscriber giveaway. Come back tomorrow to find out who won my favorite homeschool books. You can buy Teaching the Trivium on their website, Trivium Pursuit, or on Amazon.

The Winners!

I awoke this morning to find the five random winners -generated by – and to read your comments.  I am touched to hear from so many of you what a need this book is filling in your lives, too.  What a blessing!

The five winners are cheryl from sweetwaterstill, catrinaneumann, christianbookworm1,

sjs-562000, and ….

Twighee (I couldn’t believe it).

You may all purchase your own copies of Teaching the Trivium from the authors’ website or from


  1. Oh, no, am I the first? I wonder if this is the book I’ve been looking for, too, as I’ve been a bit frustrated myself. However, I wonder if part of my frustration is trying to blend what I understand of classical education w/high-functioning autism. I would love to win a copy of this! Thanks to the Bluedorns for multiple copies to give away! I am a Google Reader subscriber.


  2. Nicole says

    YAY!!!! You know this is the day I’ve been waiting for!!! Let’s see…I am subscribed by email, WordPress, I posted on Facebook and Twitter, are there any other options? 😛 Just kidding! I won’t lie, I’ve been praying ALL week the Lord would allow me to win this one. 🙂 I also thank the Bluedorn’s very much for offering more than one.


  3. Dear Random Number Generator:
    I’ve been trying all week. I can forgive you for not choosing me for the previous prizes, although not winning the fudge was a little hard to swallow. Please, Random Number Generator, will you pick me for this one?
    Thank you,
    Google Reader


  4. RNG,
    I shared this one on facebook for extra good measure. You may now randomly generate comment numbers 3 and 4. Thank you. =)


  5. I keep forgetting to tell you that I am a subscriber, I just use blogger & it goes to my google reader. I don’t know how that translates to wordpress :-). Anyway, I love your blog makeover! One of my personal fave homeschool books is “The Well-Trained Mind,” although it is not from a biblical perspective. I would like to add the Bludorn’s book to my collection 🙂


  6. awesome! hope i win it because it looks like just what i need- this has been the burden of my heart lately!


  7. I don’t need this book, because I have a copy already. It’s so good I used to sell it at my resource table when I would speak at homeschool conventions. This is also one of my “must have” books!
    Glad to see you promoting it.



  8. Annabelle Kopf says

    I literally cried great tears of joy when I discovered this very book on the Bluedorns’ Trivium Pursuit website! This was a few months back, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to obtain a copy of my own! In seeking to homeschool my 5-yr old, I felt the classical model but did not want to raise a pagan scholar. I, too, prayed for wisdom, asking the Lord to show me! And He faithfully led me to the Bluedorns. Would love a copy, but will be so glad for the family that wins this treasure!


  9. I used to have this book! I think I sold during the lean times but would love to have another copy. I shared the link on facebook and became a new subscriber 🙂


  10. Laurie says

    I checked this book out from the library five years ago and loved it. I would love for it to have a permanent place in my home! 🙂


  11. Laurie L. Thomas says

    Laurie Bluedorn
    Book give-away.
    My Favorite Homeschool Book | Whatever State I Am
    I have read quite a few books on home education and teaching our children. When my first son came close to school age, and my husband hinted he may want me to teach him at home, I checked out every book in the library on the subject. That became a yearly tradition – check out all the books in the
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    Chrissy Boileve Rivera Please enter my name!! 🙂
    about an hour ago · LikeUnlikeAnnabelle Kopf Please enter my name, too! 🙂 What a blessing.
    38 minutes ago · LikeUnlikeSusan Stuart Peterson I think I entered the contest the right way (subscribing to the whateverstateiam blog), but I’m commenting here too just in case.
    24 minutes ago · LikeUnlikeLaurie L. Thomas Would love to donate to my New Church Library (New Song)
    Got alot of Great Homeschoolers who are cooler. Wanting to do a Library and Book Place said with a Happy Face. It’s God’s grace I hope to share at that New Song Place (Aurora , Illinois)
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  12. thejewelryprincess says

    Sorry I didn’t win; but glad Twighee did! I guess speaking directly to the number generator…(or groveling to the number generator) works!! Too bad we didn’t think of that on Fudge Day! 🙂


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