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Review – A Child’s Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses

In the homeschool world, copybooks are a dime a dozen. Literally, I can go to my used

A Child's Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses

bookstore and come home with armloads full. The discerning parent, however, is ever on the lookout for the beautiful, interesting volume to inspire and instruct her young ones toward godliness. Such a resource is A Child’s Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses.


Veteran homeschool mother and author Joy Marie Dunlap has gathered nearly 75 poems and verses into a convenient, printable e-book.  The Scriptures, in easy-to-understand New American Standard Version, speak to the child’s relationship to God and others.  Over 40 original poems and 17 verses by classic authors illustrate biblical principles of godly living. Each verse and poem is reprinted with dotted lines, so beginning writers can copy the works they read.

A Child’s Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses is adorned with reproductions of wholesome artwork to inspire the young student and his family.  Over forty scenes illustrating virtues such as kindness, hard work, and family love, as well as the beauty of nature, are interspersed throughout this lovely volume. Every piece of art was carefully chosen for its beauty and appropriateness for young eyes. The result is a book of breathtaking meaning.

I put this copybook to good use in our home, printing out pages with verses and

Sweetie Pooh with his favorite page.

thoughts that we need to work on and posting them prominently in various rooms, so we can meditate on these truths.  My son and daughter enjoy tracing the letters with their color pencils and pens, and they are extra careful so as to keep such a beautiful page nice.  The page on “Love Each Other” is posted in the kitchen, where we read it several times a day when tempted to quarrel.


A Child’s Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses is a charming, fitting resource for the biblical home educator.  The Dunlap’s family friendly copying policy allows me to print out or copy each page of this resource numerous times, making this a non-consumable book I will use and enjoy for years. Because of its beauty, grace, and substance, I highly recommend this resource for home educators.

You can purchase your own easily-downloaded copybook of A Child’s Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses from for $12.75.  While you’re there, be sure to check out the free samples of the other products available!

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