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Today’s Picture Study – African Elephants

“Let’s look at this picture together for a few moments, Baby. What time is it in the painting?”

“Day time!”

“Are you sure? Is it bright and sunny?”


“Where is the sun?”

Points to the moon.

“What is that, Baby?”

“That is the moon. Is it night-night time?”

“Almost. It is evening. See how beautiful the sky is, since the sun has gone down? What animals do you see in this painting?”

“Elephants! I love elephants!”

“Are there many elephants, Baby, or just a few?”

“Lots of elephants, Mommy!”

“Can you count them?”

Chubby finger runs across the page as he counts the number of elephants proudly. “Eleven!” I don’t contradict him.

“Where are the elephants? Are they living close to us, or do they live far away?”

Eyes widen. “They live far, far, far away in the … the… the … jungle!”

“That’s right, smart Baby. Elephants live far from us, in the jungles of Africa or Asia. Who cares for the elephants while they are far away in the jungles of Africa?”

“God does, Mommy!”

“Is God with the elephants in Africa, or with you here in Texas?”

Pause. “Um, He … has to hurry?”

“No, dear one! God is everywhere! He is right there, in the jungles of Africa, caring for His elephants, and the birds (do you see them in the picture?) and all His creatures, and He is still here with you right now! Remember, He has promised to never leave you, nor forsake you, and He also promised to always care for His creatures. Do you remember the song Mommy sang at the funeral service yesterday?”

“The one with His eye on the sparrows?”

“Yes, dear. That song reminds us of God’s promise in His Word, that He will always take care of these birds.” The chubby fingers lovingly caress the fowl in the painting. “And God says that He loves us even more. He is always with us, and always taking care of us, too.”

“I like this painting, Mommy.”

For this lesson, Baby and I looked at Baby Einstein: The ABCs of Art, available on Amazon (affiliate link).


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