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Resources to teach about da Vinci in your #homeschool

The Review – Da Vinci Student Resources

Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy

When I told my children we would spend a few weeks learning about Leonardo da Vinci, they looked at me a little askance. When I began our study with the lengthy quote at the beginning of Catherine Jaime’s Da Vinci Unit Study, they were convinced.  The Unit Study starts off with Leonardo’s letter to the Duke of Milan, detailing Leonardo’s plans for intricate weapons of warfare illustrated with fascinating drawings. This was a side of the artist we all wanted to know more about.

Da Vinci Student Book

Catherine Jaime, author of Leonardo of Florentine, has developed three Leonardo resources, including the Da Vinci Unit Study, Student Book, and the essential Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy, present a foundation for studying this interesting and accomplished Renaissance man.  Well-researched and full of facts, this trio of materials teaches Leonardo’s widespread achievements in an appropriate, family-friendly manner.

Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy is Catherine Jaime’s first book on Leonardo. In this central book to her Leonardo lessons, Catherine presents Leonardo’s life in both chronological and topical order. Children and adults will find this presentation easy to follow through Leonardo’s numerous interests.

Da Vinci Unit Study

The Da Vinci Unit Study includes visuals and brief descriptions for further study on Leonardo, with suggested discussion, research topics, and projects corresponding with many chapters of Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy. The Da Vinci Student Book is a handy child-sized version of the other two volumes, with pictures and puzzles for fun study. The unit study and student books combine in Doing Da Vinci for Kids for a fun, visual companion to Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy.

These Leonardo resources are unique in their scope and suitability for young viewers. Catherine has carefully edited Leonardo’s paintings and sketches to show his masterful attention to detail and anatomy while maintaining modesty and decorum. Finally, we have Leonardo da Vinci materials in our home I don’t need to censor. My children have relished learning of this fascinating man and his manifold achievements.

You can purchase these books on Amazon, CurrClick, and Smashwords as pdfs, ebooks, and paperbacks from $2.99 to $12.50.

The Author – Catherine Jaime McGraw

Catherine Jaime

Catherine McGrew Jaime

Catherine Jaime is the mother of 12, including 9 homeschool graduates.  She draws upon her 30 years of home education experience to support and encourage homeschool mothers. She is the author of several books and homeschool products, including the game “Math Facts Fun,” the book of homeschool information and encouragement Organized Ramblings, and the historical novel Leonardo of Florentine, all previously featured on WhateverStateIAm.  You can find more of her products at her homeschool resource center, Creative Learning Connection, on the download site, CurrClick, on the ebook website Smashwords, and on Amazon.

The Giveaway – Da Vinci Student Bundle!

Catherine Jaime is generously giving away one Da Vinci student bundle to to a WhateverStateIAm reader! Bundle includes:

1) Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy – your essential resource for homeschool study on this fascinating man

2) Doing Da Vinci for Kids – the combined Da Vinci Unit Study and Da Vinci Student Book, all you need for Da Vinci learning fun!

You have three chances to enter the random drawing; winner will be announced tomorrow.  Help Catherine get the word out about her exciting books by participating in each one of these each today:

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3) Leave a comment below, telling Catherine why your family likes to learn about da Vinci and the Renaissance.

The Winner

Congratulations, Catherine! Enjoy studying Leonardo da Vinci with your children.

And all of you can check out Catherine’s books on Amazon, CurrClick, and Smashwords . In the meantime, be certain to read her explanation today of why homeschoolers should study Leonardo da Vinci.


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  2. Noelle says

    Very interested in teaching my children about Da Vinci. I’ve been interested in him since high school (did a report on him then) and through my art degree. Would love to win a copy of this!:)


  3. Noelle says

    I also FB’d this.:) I don’t “tweet” so, that’s out.:)


  4. We did a one day study about DaVinci this year and my boys were fascinated to learn how brilliant he was, and all he had studied and written. I know they want to learn more, and this unit study looks just right.


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