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The Review  – TruthQuest History

TruthQuest History

At long last, I can stop searching for my ideal history curriculum. I’ve found it –  TruthQuest History by Michelle Miller. The tagline says it all: God initiates … People respond … History happens. And that’s what we see as we study God’s hand through time with the aide of this guide.

TruthQuest History is not a textbook, and it’s not even a method. It is a true learning enabler for the entire family.  In each of the ten guides covering world history from creation to modern times, Michelle provides all we need to research and discuss God’s  plan for mankind.

Each lesson of TruthQuest History is overviewed with a short, easy-to-understand synopsis. Michelle explains not only what is happening during this time and who is doing it, but why. And that is the real beauty of this resource. Armed with this understanding – this biblical worldview – before reading on each subject, children can clearly see God’s hand at work in history and man’s response in acceptance or rejection of Him and His truth.  Michelle then lists suggested reading – both “real books” and spine books – and other resources to further explore the topic. Liberally scattered throughout the resource are “ThinkWrite” exercises, designed to stimulate further discussion, focus an essay assignment, or launch creative expression.

TruthQuest History: Middle Ages

I am using TruthQuest History: Middle Ages ($24.95) with my four children, ages 3 to 12. Though I previously considered this the most boring period in history, we now agree this is the most exciting history study we have ever done.  We are able to find many of Michelle’s recommended resources in our own small suburban library, and I can easily supplement with more books and materials after reading Michelle’s informative lessons.  The best parts, though, are the deep discussions around the lunch table, in the van, or in the museum, about our history readings.  It is humbling to see the great men of the past wrestle with the same issues we face today – sin and flesh, pride and selfishness, authority and submission. How inspiring to see men of faith rise about these challenges, to conquer and overcome (cf. Heb. 12:1).

You can view the entire line of TruthQuest History titles and even download free samples of each book on the website,

The Author – Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller and her husband John have four children and five grandchildren. Michelle is a homeschool veteran and founder of a homeschool library. Michelle founded TruthQuest History in 1995 to teach God’s truth to her children and others. You can read more about her, including her statement of faith, here.

The Special Offer

Michelle is giving away one $20 gift certificate toward any TruthQuest History product! Winner will be chosen randomly Saturday morning. To enter each day, simply …

1) Leave a comment below, telling one exciting lesson you have learned lately from history.

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I received a free copy of TruthQuest History for review from the author.


  1. Jennifer Dages says

    We LOVE Truthquest History and have been using it for the past 6 years. This year we are studying Rome. One interesting thing we learned has been about the emperors and watching how they degenerated as the line went on, emperors becoming more and more selfish, without a commitment to God’s ways.


  2. The latest exciting lesson from history we learned here is the Easter story. I just reviewed an Easter DVD, and it is a great tool for talking about Jesus with my 3 and 5 yr old boys. I bet Michelle’s curriculum is amazing!


  3. Sarah says

    This is not our most recent; but it has been one of our most favorite this school year: Martin Luther. We learned a history sentence about him at church, got together for a fun Reformation study celebration day with friends. What I loved is how then when our pastor mentioned him in church, our five year old almost popped out of her skin she was so excited that she knew what he was talking about. It also helped lay the foundation for her that people were not always free in their study of the Lord; and many men sacrificed to gain that freedom. She even asked a little girl in the grocery store a couple weeks ago: “Do you know Martin Luther?” The little girl just was staring at her. 😉


  4. Noelle says

    A history/science crossover: discovered that Uranus was co-discovered by a woman and her brother.:)
    Would love to check out this history material. Kind of in the market right now.:)


    • Noelle: Be sure to check out the links in my review. You can see quite a bit of the curriculum and samples, to get a feel for what it is like. If you have any more questions, be sure to let me know. I really think this might be what you’re looking for. It is exactly what I had long wanted.


  5. Shannon Hall says

    Love listening to history in the car…so cute when your 2 yr old is singing a song about Columbus and his 3 ships.. 🙂


  6. Just checkin’ out my competition this morning. 🙂 The other exciting lessons we’ve been learning have been from the NEST Animated Heroes Classics videos that my boys are addicted to. It is so cute to watch them re-enact them! It’s like mini plays. Christopher Columbus is one of their favorites. They have learned he had to wait a l.o.n.g. time before he got a “yes”.


  7. Lisa says

    History is the subject I have the hardest time with for homeschooling – there is so much and where to start! I’d love a good Christian-based history lesson for the kids.


  8. Lisa says

    Lea Ann – can I find these books somewhere to flip through? A local book fair maybe?


  9. My oldest is only K, so we haven’t gone too deep with history yet, but we are enjoying the Liberty Kids dvd set immensely! My girls love to act out the characters on the screen, and they particularly enjoyed Paul Revere’s ride. “The British are coming, the British are coming!” they yell throughout the house, lol.

    *On a different note, I found your blog through the Ken Ham facebook page, and I am curious to hear about more God honoring homeschool curriculum that comes from a young earth viewpoint. I have searched your site, but I’m not seeing a list of curriculum you use with your family, or lists by grade, etc. I also don’t see your blog archives either……am I missing something? I have been a follower of the WTM, but I think I will consider getting the book by the Bluedorns to compare. Thanks!


  10. Suzanne says

    I am currently using the TruthQuest Ancient Rome guide and love it. Not only are we finding out about other books to read on this subject but Michelle’s narration of each section could even work as a stand-alone resource for younger children. The additional reading resources suggested I have found to be very good recommendations. I love her focus on the Lord. It seems ever present which is so important for Christian parents these days. I love the Big 2 Beliefs and how that makes children consider how a person’s beliefs determine their thinking/actions. We also enjoy listening to Diana Waring’s What in the World CDs to go along with what we’re learning in history. Thanks for offering a possibility to win this giveaway.


  11. I have used Truthquest history for one year now and love it!!! Would love to have the opportunity get the next book needed for our homeschooling year 🙂


  12. Sarah says

    Oops, I fb’d this on Wed and forgot to write that here!


  13. Sarah says

    Do current events count as history? We had a sad present day “history” lesson today as we discussed the murder of a Dutch missionary. And were able to briefly discuss how sinful people do terrible things sometimes to those who love God.


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