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Kitchen-Table Bible Scholar

How to be a kitchen table Bible scholar


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Few pursuits are as important to the biblical home educating mother as her own personal Bible study. Without regular spiritual food, how can we feed those we love around us? Yet with the heavy demands of housework, academic studies, ministry, and family life, Bible study can too easily be pushed aside. This must not be. Bible study must be a priority, and Rachel Starr Thompson lays out a clear plan for action.


Serious personal Bible study is both less intimidating than it sounds and more challenging than you might expect. It hasn’t required thousands of dollars or years in Bible school. I’ve become a kitchen-table Bible scholar, armed with a couple of Bible translations, a concordance, a dictionary, a journal and pen, and critical thinking skills. But it does require time, commitment and willingness to tackle hard questions in study and prayer.

Read the rest of Rachel’s article here.


  1. Good job!!! I really like your post. Keep it simple, keep it real. Our own views probably differ in Spiritual perspective but I like your gumption and sincerity. We probably don’t need to learn Greek or Latin, we just need to apply ourselves and the answers will come. Thanks, Keep Blogging, Keep Writing.


    • I don’t know any Greek or Latin, either, but a few lone phrases. However, when I am studying, it is often helpful to look deeper into what was that actual word and what does it mean? So glad you stopped by! : )


  2. Most of us wouldn’t dream of going a day without physical food, yet it is so easy to find excuses or reasons why we don’t have time for spiritual food. Great article. Thanks for posting!


  3. Reminds me of a part in the movie Fiddler on the Roof where Tavia says he’d love to have 7 hours every day to sit and read the Good Book. As a busy Christian work at homeschool mom, I understand this.


    • “Fiddler” is my favorite musical. ‘Then I’d have the time that I’d like to sit in the synagogue and pray/Maybe have a seat by the eastern wall/And discuss the Holy Books with the learned men seven hours every day/And that would be the sweetest thing of all” ~ from “If I Were a Rich Man”


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