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Pajama School

check out Pajama School, tales of a #homeschool grad
From the archives, a review that is worth a second look ...

It was with great excitement that I picked up my copy of  Natalie Wickham’s book.  I, too, am a homeschool graduate, and I could not wait to read an honest account of growing up counter-culture.  Imagine my delight, upon beginning the first chapter, to discover that Natalie’s homeschool beginnings were so like my own.  I identified with her first day of school-at-home: the carefully arranged  desks in the meticulously prepared homeschool-room; the carefully-chosen wall-charts, assignment notebooks, and workbooks; and the nervous excitement while saying the pledges to the flags.  I also relished Natalie’s honestyregarding the natural emotions homeschoolers face when the newness wears off: the anxiety about leaving friends from the former church-school and feeling like an outsider at times during church activities; the struggle with family relationships in the first year while siblings adjust to being home all day together; the periods of adjustment every time Mom re-evaluates her teaching styles; and the strain of trials on the entire family as they deal with tragedy while learning together.  She shares each of these with us, and how they overcome them with joy and strength.

Pajama School is not merely an account of homeschool success, though you will certainly come away encouraged in your teaching by reading Natalie’s story.  And it is not merely an amusing tale of growing up at home, though the irrepressible homeschool humor shines through on many occasions.  It is not even a treatment of biblical principles, although Natalie does discuss her wrestlings with peer-dependency, feminism, courtship, politics, entrepreneurship, bitterness, institutionalization, higher learning, and pride.  More than these, Pajama School is a transparent look at how the Lord can use family discipleship to begin a life-long relationship with Himself.

Natalieis honest, painfully honest at times, regarding how God used her unconventional education, her committed parents, and her own sinful yet broken heart to accomplish His will in her life.  As she says,

The Lord has a way of using the right people at the right time to teach me, counsel me, and help me understand different areas of life from His perspective.  That’s an education far above and beyond what I could have ever learned from a textbook!

  – Pajama School, page 50

You can find out more information on Natalie Wickham’s Pajama School – Stories from the Life of a Homeschool Graduate on the Pajama School website. Natalie offered a special discount at the end of her “Ask the Grad” profile this week; use the code at Sibro Publishing to buy your own copy of Pajama School today!


  1. Questions for homeschooling grads
    1) When you were in it, what was the best thing about homeschooling?
    2) Now that you’re done, what was the best thing?
    3) When you were in it, what was the worst thing?
    4) Now that you’re done, what was the worst thing?


  2. Dovey says

    Ask the Grad — Does homeschooling make you resent your parents more than traditionally-schooled peers? I mean, when you have trouble with school, you tend to blame teachers, but that’s your parent when you’re home-schooled. When you have boundary/discipline issues, that’s also your parents. When you have sibling problems, you tend to complain to your parents. When you have character issues, you tend to blame your parents. I’m just afraid, being a homeschool mom, that I’m going to be a scapegoat for all and/or perceived problems that my children have. I want to be close with my children.


    • Lisa,

      Would you please contact me via the contact form in the “About Me” tab and leave your email address? I would love to know more! Thanks!


  3. Maureen says

    What are the:

    Top 3 best things you experienced/have done homeschooling?

    Top 3 worst things you experienced/would never do homeschooling?


  4. Kelly B. says

    I’m too old…that’s too much work! I’ll just have to buy it. LOL!!! 🙂


  5. jewelryprincess says

    For Ask the Grad:
    Can you share a part of your personality/character that homeschooling developed into a strength that may have otherwise been neglected or a weakness?


  6. .by Natalie Wickham.Reading Level Ages 16 – Adult.Reviewed by Kathy Davis on January 18 2010 17 10 27.As a homeschooling mom to three boys Pajama School brought me both sighs of relief and smiles. The authors recollection of her homeschooling days gave me much needed encouragement. What about socialization team sports band the prom and high school requirements?


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