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Review – Entrusted with Arrows

from the archives, a product worth a second look … 

Home educators are accustomed to living counter-culture.  Their lifestyles go against the grain within their community, their extended families, even within their churches.  They live with this stigma of non-conformity because they dare sacrifice all to rear their children for eternity.

A few brave families have taken this idea yet another step.  Rather than simply leaving the mother at home all day to be the primary educator and trainer of their sons and daughters, these visionary men have exited the corporate world forever to personally mold their own legacy.  These are true entrepreneurs, risking their financial stability for a wealth they deem far greater than gold, working in pursuit of a bold, new enterprise.

Entrusted with Arrows

Entrusted with Arrows:Entrepreneurial Homeschool Fathers  is the challenging, 60 minute documentary produced by  Greg Lammimen and Movie Makers highlighting 5 such families.  This film explains how important Dad is within the home, with weighty statistical proof for why his influence – or lack of it – is more crucial to a young person’s upbringing than even that of the mother.  God placed fathers as leaders in the home not only to teach children entrepreneurial skills, work ethic, and financial principles, but more importantly to ensure the continuation of the family’s moral and spiritual values. These five families are seeking this inheritance above all else.

Entrusted with Arrows is an honest look at the difficulties such a life-changing decision had on these families.  Wives were interviewed as well, and the word “fear” was used often to describe how they felt when the salary ended and home business began.  Yet each member
was clearly willing to sacrifice for the financial, spiritual, and moral stability of the family.  Time and again praise was given to the God that provided for each need.

Though not a how-to on entrepreneurship, Entrusted with Arrows answers many questions regarding home business, including

  •  How should I get started?
  •  How do I choose my business?
  • What steps should I take to begin my business?
  • Will my needs be met if I quit my job?
  • How can I find income in the beginning? and
  • How can my wife help?

Each man interviewed offered sound financial advice and biblical encouragement to get started.

My husband and I watched Entrusted with Arrows together one evening over a pint of chocolate ice cream.  We both came away challenged in our view of rearing our family and encouraged to pray over our own future plans.  This is a documentary every couple, home educating or not, should view and pray over together.

You can buy Entrusted with Arrows: Entrepreneurial Homeschool Fathers  on DVD for only $19.99 from their website.

I received a free preview of Entrusted with Arrows in exchange for my honest review, in accordance with my own review policy.

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