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Review and Giveaway – Signs & Seasons

get this classical astronomy resource for your #homeschool student, via

The book – Signs & Seasons

“The heavens declare the glory of God (Ps. 19:1)” and Jay Ryan teaches us how to understand the heavens in Signs and Seasons: Understanding the Elements of Classical Astronomy (Fourth Day Press, 2007).  With beautiful illustrations, historical references, biblical examples, scientific explanations, and living applications, Jay Ryan shows homeschool families the need for understanding God’s greatest creation.

Signs & Seasons covers a broad range of subject matter, including how to measure hours, seasons, months, and years by the changing sky; the movement of the moon, sun, visible planets, and constellations in relation to one another, to the earth, and to the observer; the discipline of sky observation; the difference between astrology and astronomy; the history of holidays; how astronomy supports biblical creationism, and much more. With this text, homeschoolers have the unique opportunity to return to classical astronomy – the study of the heavens as God intended them, “for signs and for seasons (Gen. 1:14).”

Signs & Seasons is more than a complete text, containing over 250 pages including 7 meaty chapters; an epilogue on the different historical calendars and holidays; several practical field activities for each chapter; a broad glossary of terms; a biography of quoted historical and classical authors from the text; and seven astronomical charts for star and planet gazing. An additional field manual/workbook is also available from the publisher for increased study. A telescope is not required for any observations.

I studied Signs & Seasons with my four children over several months. We hovered around the text together, gazing in wonder at Jay Ryan’s copious artistic illustrations on every page.  We enjoyed doing many of the projects together, including building a large compass in the backyard, aligned with the sun (and finding out our home and subdivision is not astronomically aligned). We have enjoyed finding constellations, planets, and meteors together.  We have developed a renewed appreciation for references to constellations, classical astronomy, and classical navigation in our history and literature. We have all, even the youngest, become much more appreciative of the sun and moon and God’s design for harmony in His creation. Most of all, we have renewed appreciation for God’s creation as we study it from the perspective of God’s Word and the great men of the past.

The Author

Jay Ryan is the author of the classical astronomy text Signs & Seasons and the newsletter “Classical Astronomy Update.” Long-time contributing editor of Sky & Telescope magazine, Jay is most recognized for his astronomy cartoons which have appeared in planetarium and astronomy newsletters and magazines across the country and around the world.  Jay and his wife Debbie homeschool their five children.

The Giveaway and Special Offer!

Signs & Seasons is available directly from author Jay Ryan at or from CBD, Rainbow Resources, and for only $39 for the hardbound text and $16 for the accompanying field guide.

When you mention WhateverStateIAm when ordering your copy of Signs & Seasons from, you will receive a FREE pair of Eclipse Shades!

Jay Ryan is generously giving away a FREE copy of Signs & Seasons  to a US reader of WhateverStateIAm! Here’s how to enter:

1) Leave a comment below, saying why you want to learn more about classical astronomy.

2) Post about this giveaway on facebook for an additional entry, and leave another comment.

3) Tweet about this giveaway, and leave me another comment with your twitter handle.

4) Do it all again tomorrow.

5) Then enter once more on Friday.

The entries close Friday night, midnight central time. I’ll announce the winner Saturday morning. Be sure to stay tuned for more from all week here on WhateverStateIAm.

This contest is now closed.

The Winner!

Congratulations to Jamie M!

And for the rest of you, be sure to get your free ebook download from Jay Ryan and to order your own copy of Signs & Seasons for your family to enjoy!


  1. Katrina says

    Classical astronomy is fascinating…. and is something I’d really like my children to learn more about. This would be a wonderful resource!


  2. Wendy says

    I would love to teach astronomy to my children from a biblical worldview. Thank you for the giveaway!


  3. Heather says

    My son’s interest in astronomy has sparked a new interest in all of us. We have been reminded of the importance of “considering the heavens.”


  4. Nicole says

    Terry and I have been interested in astronomy for years, and Sammy looks up to the heavens with the same joy and curiosity that we have. We have enjoyed the examination of the night sky as a family and look forward to learning more and more about God’s design of the heavens.


  5. If I win, I will do my best to save this for my son’s birthday and give him an awesome birthday present. He is interested in the planets, so I’d love to help him understand the skies more!


  6. Debra Golding says

    Wow! This must be God. My high school son has been interested in learning Astronomy. I just heard about this book yesterday from Jeannie Fulbright and today you’re having a contest to win it!!! I know I’m supposed to have this book. 🙂


  7. Ruth H. says

    When my 11yr. old son gets interested in something he goes all out. He loves science and used to collect everything he could about space and planets. He’s pretty much exhausted his resources, and feels like there’s nothing more to learn…I’d love to see him get excited with this book when he realizes how much more depth there is to the subject, especially because his 8 yr. old brother is starting to follow his lead when it comes to what he learns about. If his brother is interested…he’s interested. They would really love the field projects!


  8. We’re studying astronomy this year and I took it in college. I’d love to learn about God’s design in a whole new way!


  9. Stephanie H. says

    Thank you for such a wonderful give-away! I would be delighted to train my children in how the Lord designed our solar-system. I think it gives us a perspective on just how small we are and how Glorious He is. I think it’s important also that we have lost the “know-how” to guide ourselves by the stars just as the explorers did so many years ago.


  10. Jeannette says

    Our family is currently studying astronomy with Jeannie Fulbright’s text from Apologia and we purchased Jay’s little gem of a book, Moonfinder, as a supplement to our lessons about the moon. Everyone should have a copy for their family-highly recommended. We have so thoroughly enjoyed both of these authors and the way they have opened our eyes to the world around us changing it from commonplace to the true marvel that it is. They always leave us with a sense of wonder and wanting to learn more.


  11. Natalie says

    We greatly appreciate the emails from Classical Astronomy, and have put Signs and Seasons on our homeschool wish-list! We took a family trip a few years ago (birthday celebration for our then 16-yr-old) to the McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains of Texas… it was PHENOMENAL. 🙂


  12. susan hall says

    Our family strives to become better caretakers and more knowledgeable of the earth our God created. We are new to homesteading, raising small farm animals and gardening. This book looks like a natural companion to our studies. I look forward to learning more about that majestic sky we are blessed with.


  13. Jamie says

    My kids are very interested in astronomy and as we learn, I want to make sure our resources are Biblically based.


  14. We completed an elementary study of astronomy last school year. My eldest daughter and I would love to learn more. This would be perfect for us.


  15. This looks good, I’d love to check it out. My 20 year old just rediscovered his love for astronomy and pulled out his old telescope to look at the stars with his girlfriend. May be a great opportunity to get the younger kids interested! 🙂


  16. Michelle Lewis says

    We’d love to study with Mr. Ryan’s book! My 3rd-grade daughter picked astronomy for her science this year due to her interest in the subject of constellations. I have not studied anything about the subject since perhaps 5th grade (circa 1985) and definitely NOT from a Christian perspective. We have purchased Apologia Astronomy, but I’d love to have another reference to read through with her.


  17. I’ve always had a fascination with the stars, and would love to be able to share them with my kids from a Biblical perspective.


  18. Lisa P says

    My children ask me alot about the universe and stars and I’d love to be able to explain things to them from a Christian perspective. This looks like a great way to do that!


  19. My 16 year old has been wanting to learn about Astronomy for a while now, and for her Junior year, we will finally do this! She’ll do the lab book to for high school credit. Younger sisters will follow along. I love being able to combine all of my girls in as many subjects as I can!


  20. Barbara C says

    I’ve been eyeing this book for years! Would LOVE to have it! I find the whole concept of classical astronomy fascinating!


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  22. Suzanne says

    I homeschool and would love to have this book so I can teach my daughters about classical astronomy. My husband and I have talked, on and off, for years about doing more study on astronomy as a family. Thanks for this opportunity.


  23. Wow, stiff competition! I better remember to share tomorrow, too! This morning I posted it in the Special Needs Homeschooling Group on Facebook.


  24. Carol says

    I would love this book. I love to teach with a Biblical world view in mind. Frequently use the Scripture about the Heaven’s declaring the Glory of God in church, for worship. Mention often to my kids when showing them the constellation Orion that it’s mentioned in the Bible. I just love astronomy and want to make sure my kids understand the vastness and the greatness of it. And that it’s all God Breathed.


  25. Denise Klop says

    We will be studying earth science/astronomy this year. I especially love studying the night sky!


  26. Sharon Frisch says

    I’ve been fascinated with astronomy since I was a little girl and now my girls love looking at the night sky as much as I do. I have wanted this book for a long time and think it would be an awesome tool to help all of us learn about God’s universe together.


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  28. It’s so important to have biblical based curriculum! This is what we’ve been looking for – our Astronomy search ends here! Thank you for this awesome opportunity! 🙂


  29. susan hall says

    My children are very interested in Astronomy – would love to use this resource.


  30. domestic diva says

    My little one is very interested in constellations. I’d like to learn more, so I can share it with him.


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