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One Big Fat Resolution

maybe you only need ONE resolution this year? via

I have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s Resolutions. I love making them, and usually I look back several months later to find I have completed far more than I expected. That feels awesome.

This past year, though, I was in the hate category more than usual. Of the ten resolutions I made for 2012, I only accomplished three of them. Abysmal failure.

This year, I only made three resolutions. Perhaps I can remember three things.

Wait, I have to go look up numbers two and three … [shoulda’ made strengthen my memory a resolution. But I would forget …]

Oh, now I remember. Numbers two and three are prioritize family (meals, dates, etc.) and finish researching for college project.

My top resolution, the big fat resolution is the tough one: self-discipline. Used to have it, but totally slacked off the last couple years. No more excuses, I am cracking my own whip now!

The biggest problem with not achieving my goals and projects, I see now, is a lack of self-discipline. Diet, household chores, exercise, time-management, even blogging … it all came down to my new lackadaisical attitude. Well, no more! This chick is fired up, now!

We are a whopping three days into the New Year, and so far, I have not forgotten my big, fat resolution (no pun intended with the 40 lbs I hope to lose!). Looking my failures full-on, telling myself the truth about my shortcomings, and courageously naming my sin and repenting of it is so freeing: I will not continue in laziness.

How is your new year, friend? Are you overwhelmed, discouraged, or down-hearted? I encourage you – one real mom to another – to dig deep and honestly look at what you need to change. Perhaps you, too, will find a pattern, a character quality missing, a fruit of the Spirit lacking.

God is gracious, who will make a way of escape! Let’s live 2013 in victory through His power!

Share your own resolution and encouragement on facebook or twitter. I’d love to hear from you!


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