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You Are Good

Mom, do you need a reminder? You are good. via

In case you didn’t catch it the first time … why you are really awesome.

You can pick up toys while talking on the phone and vaccumming the floor.

You grocery shop while steering the impossibly wide “car-style” grocery cart and insist that “No, I don’t need help out.”

Your hand sanitizer is bright green or dazzle-berry blue.

Your back yard may not be manicured, but you can usually find a barbie head or a super hero hidden in a pile of dirt and you don’t step on them.

You have memorized more than half a dozen picture books suitable for bedtime reading.

You can stop traffic with a withering glance.

You can whip up a nutritious meal with any combination of protein, carbohedreit, and vegetation available.

You didn’t bat an eyelash when your son came downstairs with his underwear on his head.

The pediatrician’s office can recognize you by your voice, but they make room for you on the busiest of days.

You could support your family for three days out of the contents of your purse.

You know exactly what is under each child’s bed … and when it must be cleaned.

For the special people in your care, only you can meet their needs.

You are a great mom.

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  1. Marybella says

    God Bless you and thank you for the encouragement! It’s so nice to hear.


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