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Shorten Your Todo List Once and For All

How to shorten your todo list once and for all via

I used to live in a mire of todos. My lists were long and laborious. My planner had five times as many tasks as appointments. I would dread getting out of bed each morning and facing The List, because The List was such a cruel task master, sucking my very life energy and leaving me powerless and defeated before I even began.

But bravely every day I did begin, as you do, too, just something in a desperate attempt to get something done today. But something was always left on the todo list at the end of the day, and then something was carried over into the next day, leaving me feeling that something was never done productively.

I am recovering from the tyranny of the todo list.

I have not arrived, but I do feel optimistic. I have found a few simple adjustments have made all the difference. I thought I’d share a few of my strategies with you. Maybe you can share a few tips with me, and then we’ll both be a little free-er.

Shorten Your ToDo List Today

  1.  Just Do It.
  2.  Just Quit.
  3.  Repeat After Me: No
  4.  Get Over It.
  5.  Finish Something
  6.  Today, Tomorrow, Eternity
  7.  Just Breathe
  8.  Celebrate

Now, don’t misunderstand me:

I believe in The List.

In case you don’t, take a moment to view this great explanation for WHY we need The List.

We need The List, but we don’t need to be slaves to The List.

Join me in the coming weeks as we get over The List and get on to life.

And please do let me know … how do you tame the tyranny of The List?


      • LOL! Don’t you love that video? I think it says it so well.
        That’s the paradox — trying to write it all down, yet not getting overwhelmed by HOW MUCH is written down!
        I’m still working on it, though. 🙂


  1. I feel like a slave to my mental list that I think I need a paper list so that I can get some stuff done i.e. blogging ( :
    A couple of friends fit this profile. Thanks for the post.


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