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I’ve been reading this amazing book, The Day I Met Jesus, by Mary DeMuth and Frank Viola. So many quotes have jumped out at me. Actually, the entire book caught me by surprise. I’m stunned, moved, and intrigued by these tales of women who met God face-to-face and were forever changed.

As I should be. As I am, when I meet Him honestly.

#DayIMetJesusAnyway, I’ll be telling you more about it in a couple weeks when the book launches with …

wait for it …

FREEBIES and goodies and so on and so forth and what have you!

In the meantime, I just had to share this quote with you. Praying with you for such faith and peace.


  1. Gina Duke says

    This is nicely done, Lea Ann! I pinned to Pinterest and will do some more things with your post over the next 3 days to highlight The Day I Met Jesus.

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  2. ecclesia says

    Ben, my husband, Ecclesia’s dad, is a great fan of Frank’s books especially his writings concerning the house churches. Will prompt him on this one. Thks for ever sharing all the good resources.


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