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Letter from Author Mary DeMuth

A Letter from Author Mary DeMuth

I’m one of author Mary DeMuth’s newest fans. I have long known she authored several works of fiction, our paths had crossed on social media, and I had found she lives just across the [now-dry] lake from me. But I never really, truly got to know her until about five months ago. During a painful period of soul-searching and heart-rending, God led me to Mary’s podcast and writings. There I found healing, hope, and restoration. So when I learned that she had a new and novel (in the true sense of the word!) book coming out about personal encounters with Christ, I could not wait to get my hands on a copy. I’ve told you this week how much I love The Day I Met Jesus. Today, I thought I’d let Mary DeMuth share with you straight from her heart to yours why this book is so special. So watch this video and read this personal letter from this special author.

Dear Reader-to-be,

We are super excited about our new book, The Day I Met Jesus, and wanted you to hear our hearts in writing it.

Frank first approached me after the publication of his book, God’s Favorite Place on Earth. He wanted to do something similar (narrative stories + teaching) but with women of the New Testament. When he discovered I wrote both nonfiction and fiction, and we shared many of the same discipleship beliefs, he felt I would be a good fit for this project.

Together, we collaborated on the story of five women from the Gospels, giving readers a first-hand account from the women the moment they met Jesus Christ, detailing the remarkable conversations and transformation that followed. Though fiction, the narrative is tightly grounded to the Gospel stories and First-Century history.

Renowned New Testament scholar and historian Craig Keener was our historical advisor to make sure each account was true to history and the Bible.

A Letter from Author Mary DeMuthIn addition to the women’s stories, the book also has a non-fiction component that draws uncommon insights out of each encounter and provides practical application to our lives today.
We feel this is a unique book. We place you on the ground in ancient Jerusalem. Feel the grit of the pathways, the heat of the day, the rush of the crowds around Jesus. Discover what it might have been like to encounter Jesus for the very first time. Our hope is that you find your own story in the stories of these women, and come away from the book more loved, more settled, more peace-filled.

You can learn more about the book at That site will have the best prices for the book as well as an offer for you to get some free goodies from us if you buy a copy during release week (March 3-10) from


Mary DeMuth


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