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Day 1 of 31 Days of Homeschool Made Easy

make homeschooling simple and get back your love of learning

This year I’m trying new things like crazy. It’s been a crazy year of making new friends, joining a new orchestra (gasp!), and writing a first book proposal (yeep!). I’m not nuts enough, better add more to the mix.

This October, I’m also joining the challenge at Write 31 Days to write one post on one topic every day of the month.

That’s right, every … single… day. One topic. This blog. Hold on to your smartphones, it’s getting absurd around here.

I told my husband this is good for me because I need more deadlines in my life. He choked on his Chipotle burrito bowl when I told him that.

Seriously, though, there are several reasons I decided to take the 31 day plunge. I hope you’ll join me for the whole series. Here’s why I’m devoting an entire month to it.

Reasons Lea Ann is Writing 31 Days

1. It’s a challenge, and I love a challenge.

Seriously, you tell me I can’t do something, because it will bother me until I’ve done it. I’ve told myself I can’t consistently write every single day, so when I found this challenge on the interwebs it struck a chord. My inner writer wants to build muscles and stamina, to complete the marathon and know I did it! Hey, if I can run a 5K (and I did!), why can’t I do this? It’s time to see if I have what it takes.

2. It’s a deadline, and I do need deadlines.

I write furiously fast with a deadline. I really do. When I was writing sales copy several months ago, I found I could churn out a lot of words in a short time because my editor needed them yesterday. Writing for myself doesn’t have that same urgency, so I get sloppy and slow. Now I have to write fast or…I’ll lose. And I hate to lose. See #1.

3. I am going through the homeschool mid-life crisis.

My oldest son is completing his last year of high school. That means, in a few months, I’ll be saying goodbye to the guy who started it all, the boy who made me a mom, the student who made me homeschool. It’s hit me pretty hard, so I’m still working through the emotions.

4. I kinda’ know a lot about homeschooling.

That’s the good thing about being at the end of something — you get to look back. And now I can look back over nearly 14 years of teaching one person nearly every single thing he knows. That’s pretty amazing to think about. On top of that, I’m a homeschool grad myself, and that gives me a unique perspective, having been through this on the student side and the teacher side. There’s both a humbling sense that there is so much I don’t know and can’t do! and a satisfying it really works! Look what we did! 

5. I know a lot of people thinking about homeschooling or starting homeschooling.

And every time I wish I could encourage or help or advise them, I stumble over my words and babble incoherently. My heart is in the right place, but the words aren’t there. So I decided to take this month to put down the one thing I really want to say to them, young and old, new and experienced.

It’s not complicated. Homeschool your way.

I hope this month I can make homeschooling easy for you. Maybe you don’t homeschool yet because it seems so overwhelming; let me simplify it for you so you understand it better. Maybe you are just starting off and you aren’t sure you are doing it right; let me simplify things for you so you feel confident. Maybe you’ve been homeschooling for years, but now it’s becoming overwhelming and burdensome; let me simplify things for you so you can get back your love.

Let’s all lift one another, throw off the burdens, and get back to basics.

Let’s make homeschooling easy again.

This post is an excerpt from my new book Homeschool Made Easy, now available on Amazon. Get your copy today!




  1. jennifer@kitchenserf says

    Looking forward to your series. I’ve wanted to home school my son but I have a lot of reasons why I haven’t, mainly because I’m working full time right now outside of the home.
    But, if I’m being honest, also because I don’t want to screw him up.

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