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Day 6: 5 Things Your Early Learning Homeschooler Will Learn

The early learning years, as I defined them for homeschooling, encompass that critical period of learning before the student can read and write. So, these magical moments usually last longer than we give them credit for — depending on the child, through age 5, 8, or even 10. If your child cannot read independently, he’s still an early learner. And that’s great, because there is so much for an early learner to do!

5 Things Your Preschool and Kindergarten Student Will Learn

What do you think is the biggest lesson your early learning student learns?

Tell us about it below!
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    • I know what you mean. I feel like that push in the public school system is creating pressure here at home — we think we need to do more and achieve more to prove we are better (or at least keeping up!). Instead, we need to find a way to calm our fears and just do what’s right for each child.


What do you think?

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