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Day 13: 27 Things Your Elementary Homeschooler Will Learn

Here's 27 things your #homeschool student will learn before middle school. #write31days

The elementary years begin when your child can read on his own (at least a simple book), write his name, copy sentences, and figure simple math in his head. That’s our definition for this series, anyway, and it shortens our elementary years for many children. You may only have four years or so before he begins middle school, but these years will show dramatic changes in your child mentally, physically, and emotionally. He will turn into a real student!
27 Things Your Elementary Homeschool Student Will Learn

What do you think is the biggest lesson your elementary student learns?

Tell us about it below!

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  1. Your comment about sentences and paragraphs eased my mind as my oldest has an aversion to writing. Have you come across a year hands on methods for teaching parts of speech?


  2. I know I already left a comment, but I finally had time to read this in entirety. My boys will be grateful you wrote this! This is a great guide for homeschool parents. It gives me so much relief and a target. I notice there’s not a lot of history or science in this list. Is that on purpose?


    • It is on purpose. Our students do learn a lot of facts in history and science, but those subjects are not the main focus of elementary. These years are about the foundations of learning, and that’s why I focused on English and reasoning.


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