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Day 16: When Are You Done with Elementary?

Is your #homeschool student ready for middle school? Here's how to tell. #homeschoolmadeeasy

Middle school is a transition between the foundational elementary years and the in-depth high school studies. It’s an important transition, a shifting in thinking, maturity, study habits, and educational approach. So much happens that it takes students a while to grow through it all. More than two years, for most.

This is a concept that classical homeschoolers really have a handle on. All of us parents, no matter our teaching style, need to respect our student’s unique rate of growth. Just because our student finished the fifth grade workbook doesn’t mean he’s ready for middle school any more than if he weighs 100 pounds or stinks up the bedroom or wears size ten shoes. We can’t use an arbitrary age or time limit for his academic readiness. Homeschooling works when it’s customized to the child’s needs.


How do we know it’s time for our homeschool student to move up to middle school?

Is your homeschool student ready for middle school?

Do you have a middle school student? How did you know he was ready?

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