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Day 27: 25 Things Your Homeschool High School Student Will Learn

It’s time to press on toward the prize — that diploma cometh! Don’t give up on homeschooling just yet; we are nearly done!

Your homeschool student is quickly turning into a homeschool graduate (eeek!). Yesterday, we looked at how helpful your state graduation requirements and your state homeschool group’s guidelines are for your planning. If you keep those in mind, you’ll keep going in the right direction.

But your growing teen is more than the sum of his transcript. You’ll find your young person growing into adulthood in many ways.25 Things Your High School Student will learn, via @lagarfias

What Your High School Homeschool Graduate Will Know

What Your Homeschool Graduate Will Know

What do you think is the biggest lesson your high school student learns?

Tell us about it below!

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