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Review — Prayers that Changed History

“What would have happened if this person hadn’t prayed and acted on their calling? Would peoples’ lives be different? Prayers of ordinary people opened the doors to God’s work. And your prayers can do the same.” — Tricia Goyer, in Prayers that Changed History

Prayers that Changed History by Tricia GoyerWhen I read that introduction, I knew this book is for me. Tricia Goyer proves ordinary people having an extraordinary impact in her book Prayers that Changed History. In 25 short chapters, Tricia shares the remarkable stories of men and women of faith who dared to pray for miracles and saw them realized.

As a homeschool mom and a best-selling author, Tricia created a family-friendly yet educational book that appeals to all ages. The chapters are arranged in chronological order, and the table of contents gives the dates for each story, which range from ancient to modern times. So this is a perfect reference tool for busy homeschool moms — you can grab the book off the shelf any time to find something to compliment your current history, Bible, and literature studies.

And this book makes a great family devotional, too. Each chapter also includes a parallel story from Scripture that illustrates God’s consistent working and timeless truths. There are thought-provoking questions that help stimulate conversation. And the writing is so conversational, you’ll sense Tricia warmly sharing her faith right there beside you.

My children and teens enjoyed the book even more than they expected, asking for “just one more chapter” when I read aloud to them. It was fascinating to uncover the hidden stories about heroes they already knew like St. Patrick and Christopher Columbus while becoming acquainted with the less familiar Polycarp and John Hyde.

Prayers that Changed History by Tricia Goyer is available on Amazon (and wouldn’t it make a nice Christmas gift?). Tricia has even created a free children’s coloring sheet, which you can download here. 

This post contains Amazon affiliate links to help defray website costs. The views are my own. 

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