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7 Quick Ways to Improve Your Day with the Power of One

The day after Christmas, my town was hit by an F4 tornado over 1/2 mile wide. My subdivision was narrowly, mercifully missed, but my friends down the road lost everything. So this week, we are taking a break from playing with our presents and shopping the clearance sales to help our neighbors and local charities recover. And hug each other. A lot.

In the meantime, my dear friend Jenny has written a new book on “the power of one,” a principle I use every day — especially during a crisis — to keep moving forward. Make it your New Year’s Resolution to get this book. It will change you, then your year. Today, Jenny is stepping in to give you and me the hope we need no matter what obstacles 2016 brings.

7 Quick Ways to Improve Your Day with the Power of One

*Tapping microphone* Hello, my name is Jenny. I’m a special needs homeschool work-at-home mom. I have fibromyalgia and I’m in the midlife zone. I am a recovering people-pleasing perfectionist. Let’s just say I deal with a lot of stress, some self-induced and some not.

Over the past few years I’ve come to realize that I can’t handle it all. I really can’t. BUT, I have discovered the Power of One. One seems so small, but it can be very effective. By focusing on just one thing for the next moment or few minutes or hours, I can make it. I might even make it better.

1. Empty the kitchen sink before bedtime.

Load the dishes and wash the pots and pans. It’s amazing how much better your day starts when you come out to an empty sink rather than a full one.

2. Post an inspirational quote or encouraging Bible verse.

There are lots of printables around the internet. You could print one or simply write a quote on a note card and tape it onto your bathroom mirror. You may need to put your quote in more than one place.

3. Walk around the block or chase your kids around the house.

Overwhelmed? Do a quick burst of exercise to clear your mind and increase your energy.

4. Take a nature break.

Nature is naturally calming. Get yourself some flowers to perk up a corner of your house. Watch the snow fall and allow your body to calm to the quiet rhythm.

5. Color.

Adult coloring pages are very popular right now. They are also very calming. Invite your kids to color with you.

6. Delete unwanted emails.

This is an easy way to declutter your computer space and your mind.

7. Enjoy a cuppa.

Make yourself some tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and focus on slowing your breathing in those few minutes you enjoy your beverage.

Those are some examples of how you can choose one quick thing to do to turn your day around, or in the least improve your frame of mind.

PowerofOne-Instagram-640x640If you’d like to learn more about the Power of One, I invite you to join me for A Month with the Power of One, a kickoff for 2016. This series will correlate with my new Kindle book The Power of One. I will send you a short email Monday through Friday in January. You do not need to purchase the book for the series, but it will definitely be more beneficial if you do (It’s only 21 cents per chapter!). You can learn more about the series and the book here. I hope to see you there!

And get this … The Power of One is FREE right now on Kindle! Grab your copy today!

You can read it now right here.

And don’t miss the free email series — a month of Power of One! Join the community here.

jenny profile twoJenny Herman is a special needs homeschool mom, author, and social media freelancer. She writes from the trenches, hoping to give encouragement and practical ideas. Though she would not have chosen to be an autism mom, Jenny is thankful to be able to use her experience to help other children and their families. Her motto is “just keep swimming.”

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  1. Nice to find you here Jenny!!! The Power of One has been getting me through the season of life I’m in, working full time outside home and still homeschooling my three little blessings. Thank you for your book and series!

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