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Top 10 Posts of 2015

This past year was an exciting one blogging here. At long last, my love for writing and connecting with you has returned — stronger than ever! And I feel like we connected on some topics that are meaningful and impactful.

In case you missed something (or if you, like me, enjoy a trip down memory lane), here are the 10 hottest posts from the 96 posts published (only 96?! Why couldn’t I have squeezed out four more?!) in 2015.

1. 10 Things You Homeschool Friend Won’t Tell You (but wishes you knew)

10 Things Your Homeschool Friend Won’t Tell You (but wishes you knew) #homeschoolI have to tell you — I knew this would be a hot topic when I wrote it. But I didn’t think it would be that hot! In the end, only two “homeschool brands” posted it, but tens of thousands of homeschool moms shared it on facebook saying, “This is me.” And that made me reach out through the laptop and hug you, because you are my peoples. Love you. Read it here.

2. Why Homeschool Students Cheat

Why Homeschool Students CheatThis one, too, I knew would be controversial, but it’s a subject I’ve become increasingly burdened about. We as a community are not teaching our students to be academically, intellectually, and spiritually honest, and that’s to our shame. I’m gratified several homeschool publishers and teachers shared this article, pleading with parents to take the danger seriously. Read it here.

3. How to Homeschool Like a Pro

how to homeschool like a proThis title makes me laugh, because who exactly is paying us to homeschool?! But besides that, we do want to know if we are “doing it right,” so I gave the solutions to common homeschool rookie mistakes. This post became the genesis of my idea to write a book about how to do it right. Anyway, we can all homeschool like pros. Read it here.


4. No One Ever Told Me Homeschooling Would Be Like This

No one told me homeschooling would be like thisThis one was an honest look at what it feels to be homeschooling high school, from an article I wrote on Crosswalk. I’m happy to say that I’m over that particular hump right now, but we all have those days (or weeks, or semesters, or years) that feel like sloughs of despair. If that’s where you are, take this as my own personal “me, too” letter. Read it here.

5. 7 Things to Do Your First Month of Homeschooling

7 things to do your first month of homeschoolingI actually wrote this post for a couple friends of mine who were just starting out. I wanted to give them a “this is easier than you think” and “you are already well on your way” feeling alongside the practical advice for those days we feel a little lost. And then you know what? I resolved to make sure I did these things regularly, myself! Read it here.

6. Ask the Grad – Anais Dervaes

Ask (1)Back in 2012, I did a whole series on homeschool graduates. Each homeschool grad shared his unique story, then they answered reader-submitted questions about what life was really like for first-generation homeschoolers. It was so much fun! And this particular post by Urban Homesteader Anais Dervaes continues to be very popular. I’m so grateful she participated. You can read it here.

7. Top Seven Things to Do in Wichita

On the tram

This is another blast from the past — a fun look at how much fun you can have in Wichita, Kansas. We took a family vacation there five years ago, and we are still talking about it. Who knew it was so much fun? Who expected to find the Berlin Wall? And why did my children have to grow so rapidly right after that? Read it here.


8. The Biggest Lie We Believe Every Day

Satan has to stop that, or he’s doomed. He cannot win his long war against the Godhead with millions of beautiful, living, breathing, walking, talking images of the Creator radiating glory every day. So from day one, he’s been lying to us. “You aren’t good enough. Your work doesn’t matter. You’re too stupid, weak, insignificant…”This past year, I also started writing about real life in earnest. We are more than homeschool moms — we are extraordinary influencers right where we are. But we don’t really believe it, because the lie is so strong and the world is so loud. I know I fight the fears, and you do, too. So there will be more discussions on this topic, just you wait and see. Read it here.

9. 10 Ways to Make Your Homeschool Easier

10waystomakehomeschoolingeasierI was so excited (can we say it again — so excited) to visit my friend Tricia Goyer at her blog this fall to talk about homeschooling. Tricia is such an example of gracious business, peaceful parenting, and wise writing, that I just drink in her words thirstily. It was fun to join her in talking about what usually seems like a huge burden, but we can actually make easy and fun — homeschooling. It sounds too good to be true, but…it’s true. Read it here.

10. Homeschool Made Easy

Homeschool Made EasyThe month-long-series-turned-ebook was a highlight of my year. I loved every moment planning it, writing it, publishing the series, editing it for the book, formatting it for kindle, and sending it to Amazon. I learned so much, and I loved talking with you about the topics and how to make things simple. Read it here.


Your turn!

Almost every day now, I get emails from readers. I love it! So please don’t be shy — let me hear from you! You can leave a comment below or send me a private message. Pick one or all of the following:

  • What article did you read this year that really stuck with you? I don’t want to miss it!
  • What did you write this year that is impactful? Share it with me!
  • What burning questions do you have about homeschooling? I’m here to help!
  • When you consider your influence or impact in your own world, what do you fear most?

I’m excited to hear from you!

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