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Help Me, Please! Pick a Rocking Ordinary Book Cover

Are you ready to hear me squeal really loud? My book is coming, my book is coming, my book is coming!

And are you ready to laugh out loud with me? I have the title. Grasp your coffee mugs tightly, because here it comes:

Rocking Ordinary

Holding It Together with Extraordinary Grace


Wow. It just gets you right here in the gut, right? And then spills out your nose with your coffee, then makes you snort, then before you know it, you want to buy the t-shirt. Am I right?

Why Rocking Ordinary? Of all the titles of all the books in all the world, why is this one rockin’? I’ll tell you why: it’s about you. It’s a real truth about real women with real lives and real problems and real struggles who make a difference and they don’t even know it. 

That’s you I’m talkin’ about.

So here’s what I want to know. What kind of cover would you like on your book? My oh-so-awesome-and-patient publisher gave me a moment to press the big PAUSE button on the fast-moving publishing machine to throw this out there to you. Because I want you to like your book, right?

So, here’s the deal. I’m showing you three ideas that we’re bantering about. We may or may not end up with one of these covers. But I really, truly want to know what you think. Just pick one of them (even though there’s only one right answer and I’m not telling you what it is even if you DO buy me a new super-large Keurig machine, the one that has a carafe on it).

I can’t promise that your exact favorite will be the cover, because I am not the President of All Things yet. But I do promise that I will read every answer and that several executives with suits and ties will also read them while I email, “I told you so.” And we’ll see what happens then.


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