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The Ministry of Authenticity

My days and nights and weekends are filled with food, family, and book launch. Not always in that order. This week, I’m busy creating fun, pretty, and super-helpful Rocking Ordinary Extras for those of you who pre-order or purchase early. I promise I’ll tell you all about them soon. But while I’m trying hard not to forget to drink coffee (apparently that’s a thing with me now), I wanted to share these words from my friend Carry (I love her blog. Go subscribe). Grab your mug of coffee before you, too, forget it, and share this heart-felt conversation with us

I‘ve watched it happen so often: a tired mom walks up to a group of mothers sitting at a table. The chit-chat continues as she sits down and glances slowly from woman to woman. As the conversation turns to more serious topics, perhaps it is her exhaustion that compels her to speak. All eyes turn to her as she tells with a catch in her voice of the trial or perceived failure she is dealing with.

Suddenly she realizes she has opened herself up and fear lights up her eyes. The air in the room becomes momentarily thick as she waits, bracing herself, to hear the response of those around her when someone speaks up . . .

“Me too.”

Finally relief floods her face. She smiles, relaxes, and sighs.

“I thought I was the only one!”

Suddenly more voices chime in, now encouraged and brave enough to be honest and real.

One shares from the midst struggle, another shares from the other side, and yet another shares of the Lord’s grace she found while in the midst of it.

It’s beautiful to watch and be a part of. And it is a place I have seen the Lord minister to tired hearts and weary souls.

I call it the ministry of authenticity.

Read more here.


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