Rocking Ordinary
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Summer reading suggestions

One of the really best things about writing is the interesting friends you make. Like Traci. She is not only an awesome writer friend, but also the author of a bestselling homeschool book and the owner of a great sense of humor. My friend Traci Matt has been reading some new books this summer, and she has some great suggestions.

Like, eh-hem, Rocking Ordinary.

Here’s what she said:

I didn’t think I could love the content more than the cover design, but the words are just as rockin’ awesome as the yellow glove.

This is a book for all those women (most of us) who will never be world leaders or rock stars, but who still have extraordinary influence in the world through our relationships. With humorous and poignant glimpses into her own life, along with Scriptures affirming the worth of every daughter, mother, wife, single woman, and grandmother, the author encourages us to live every day to God’s glory.

She also found two other books that I added to my must-read list. And they are completely different genres, so that excites me. Take a look for yourself here.

What are you reading this summer?


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