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The Kind of Friend You Can Disagree With and Still Learn From

Lindsey at Side by Side Learning is a new friend. I’m not even sure how our paths crossed, but she’s on the Rocking Ordinary launch team, and it’s been a joy to get to know her. She wrote a beautiful reminder of how we learn through friendship a few weeks ago, and I read it aloud to the publishing team as we were setting up to record the small group study kit dvd. I read it aloud and got all choked up, because this is what it’s all about, my friends. Learning from one another and growing together. Take a look:

There were a couple of things [in Rocking Ordinary] that were foreign to me. A couple of things that I don’t agree with or have a different viewpoint on. Differences aren’t a bad thing. Just as friends aren’t all the same. Who wants to hang out with people exactly like themselves? That would get boring fast. We need friends that are different than us. Friendships change you. They can challenge you, help you see things different and help you along your journey. Thanks Lea Ann for widening my perspective. I didn’t expect to grow in understanding as much as I have.

One of the foreign concepts was the word minister. It’s a great word, but for the first half of the book it just didn’t jive with me. A Minister is a position of authority, a leader of a church. Maybe even a scholar. I am not a Minister. I just couldn’t swallow the responsibilities of a Minister. It was huge compared to how I see myself. I am a simple person who often feels mediocre. I do things but I have never done anything major.

I teach my family and have taught youth groups. I serve in visiting teaching and I plan Relief Society activities. I have delivered meals to those in need (sometimes fully cooked and not burnt…) I have conversed with many and tried to be kind. I have woken up in the middle of the night to clean sheets and bathe kids. I serve when the opportunity presents itself. I strive to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and follow the direction given. Often I am led to more chances to serve. These are all small seemingly minuscule actions. Just ordinary or so I thought.

Once I realized Lea Ann’s definition was different than mine then things made much more sense. After my read I have come to the conclusion that I do minister. Minister is a verb! I never really understood that previously. I can act as a minister as I serve, love and teach those around me.

Read more here.

Have you learned from a friend you disagree with?


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