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Upcoming Series: Homeschool HIGH SCHOOL Made Easy

I’m so excited about my next writing project that I decided to let you read it while I’m working on it! For the month of October, I’m participating in the Write 31 Days challenge to write for a month straight. At the end of the month, I’ll have a whole book completed and ready for publication. But in the meantime, I’m going to let you peek and comment on the process.

To follow up with my Homeschool Made Easy (available now on Kindle), I’m writing a slightly-more-comprehensive but still-super-simple Homeschool HIGH SCHOOL Made Easy. It’s to answer a friend’s personal challenge to make even high school easy. Never one to shy away from a dare, I decided to go for it.

because when you homeschool YOUR way
— even homeschooling high school —
everything is simple

High school does seem a lot more challenging than the earlier years of homeschooling. Hey, I even burst into public ugly crying when my first teen started high school for the first time. But now he’s a graduate, and you know what I learned? It really was so much simpler than I thought. The deeper we got into high school, the clearer the path became. So now my second high schooler is so much less stressful.


I shared with you on facebook live some things I’m changing since I have graduated a homeschool student. My perspective on homeschooling has definitely matured over the years, and the important priorities have become crystal clear. There’s a lot I wish I had understood right from the beginning, ideas and strategies that would have made our days much smoother and my sleep much easier. I want to share those with you.

Homeschool Made Easy

So what exactly am I covering in this new project?

I’m so glad you asked! My list of topics is just huge, so it’s a good thing I’m writing for 31 full days! We’re going to cover the burning questions you have and some of the issues you may not have thought of.

  • Why is homeschooling the right choice for high school?
  • How does a mom know if she can homeschool high school?
  • What do high school students need to know?
  • Should we or should we not take outside classes?
  • What about these hard subjects?
  • What unique social challenges do high school students face?
  • How do family dynamics change in high school years?
  • How do homeschool families navigate teen issues like dating, driving, working, and parties?
  • Should we prepare our students for college, or for a vocation?
  • How do we handle transcripts, tests, entrance essays, and scholarship applications?
  • How do we know if the student is ready for real life?

I’ll be answering these questions and more in my series (soon to be book) starting October 1. You can find out more here. If you have a homeschool student in middle school or high school, I hope you’ll sign up for the series to be delivered in your inbox every day — so you won’t miss a thing!

So what questions do you have about homeschooling high school?

Let me know below so I can make sure this series is just what YOU need!

  1. Why Homeschool High School | Homeschool High School Made Easy 1
  2. Our Responsibility | Homeschool High School Made Easy 2
  3. Preparing Your Teen for High School | Homeschool High School Made Easy 3
  4. High School Year by Year | Homeschool High School Made Easy 4
  5. Your Teaching Style, His Learning Style, and the Easy Way to Homeschool | Homeschool High School Made Easy 5
  6. Scheduling a Typical Day | Homeschool High School Made Easy 6
  7. The Pros and Cons of Homeschool Classes | Homeschool High School Made Easy 7
  8. Take Action | Homeschool High School Made Easy 8
  9. When You Are Unsure | Homeschool High School Made Easy 9
  10. History and Bible | Homeschool High School Made Easy 10
  11. English | Homeschool High School Made Easy 11
  12. Math | Homeschool High School Made Easy 12
  13. Science | Homeschool High School Made Easy 13
  14. Electives | Home School High School Made Easy 14
  15. Plan Your Course | Homeschool High School Made Easy 15
  16. The Reason | Homeschool High School Made Easy 16
  17. Growing Into Adulthood and Changing Family Relationships | Homeschool High School Made Easy 17
  18. Developing New Friendships | Homeschool High School Made Easy 18
  19. Dating | Homeschool High School Made Easy 19
  20. Training for Work and Service | Homeschool High School Made Easy 20
  21. Teens Driving and the Scary World Out There | Homeschool High School Made Easy 21
  22. Social Checklist | Homeschool High School Made Easy 22
  23. The Prayer | Homeschool High School Made Easy 23
  24. College or Not | Homeschool High School Made Easy 24
  25. Choosing a College | Homeschool High School Made Easy 25
  26. Transcripts | Homeschool High School Made Easy 26
  27. College Entrance Tests | Homeschool High School Made Easy 27
  28. Preparing Your Teen for College and Beyond | Homeschool High School Made Easy 28
  29. Graduation Checklist | Homeschool High School Made Easy 29
  30. Commencement | Homeschool High School Made Easy 30
  31. The Secret to Homeschooling High School | Homeschool High School Made Easy 31


  1. Looking forward to your series/book! Realized that there’s only about 2 years left before she’s officially in high school! I remember when your son’s high schooling snuck up on you and will love to learn from you! 😉

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    • I can’t believe he’s already done, too! It went by really fast. I hope your transition into high school is much less stressful than mine was! Let me know if you think of any questions I can answer. 🙂


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