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High School Year by Year | Homeschool High School Made Easy 4

Yes, homeschooling high school can sometimes seem overwhelming. But in reality, it can be easy — one day at a time.

So before we get deep into all the nitty-gritty of homeschooling high school, each subject and requirement and transcript and life skill, I thought I’d whisper some soothing words of big-picture-planning into your ear. Because that’s ever so comforting, isn’t it? Not sure you agree? Read on, and see if this doesn’t make you feel better than you ever imagined.

This post is an excerpt from my new book Homeschool High School Made Easy, available on Amazon. Get your copy today!

And don’t miss the prequel, Homeschool Made Easy.

Homeschool Made Easy


  1. I wanted to pop in a say “hi” again; I just spent a chunk of time catching up on this series, and wanted to let you know that now I have my husband reading some of your posts with me. 🙂 While we know we want to homeschool “for a while”, high school has been a difficult conversation for us to tackle…your posts are giving us some guidance in developing our own family mission statement as well as how to talk about homeschooling for high school (while recognizing that we have lots of time, since our oldest is in preschool right now). Many thanks for your writing!

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    • Great, Heidi! I’m glad you’re finding the courage to even THINK about homeschooling in high school! You’re right — you have plenty of time, so it’s a decision you can punt for a few years. But a lot of these principles apply so well to earlier years. I hope the series does help you keep homeschooling simple so you can enjoy it every day. : )


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