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Take Action | Homeschool High School Made Easy 8

Welcome to the month-long series “Homeschool HIGH SCHOOL Made Easy,” a follow-up to the popular “Homeschool Made Easy” series (now published on kindle). I’m sharing tips from my experience as a homeschool graduate and homeschool mother, showing YOU how easy and enjoyable these high school years can be for you and your teen. Be sure to sign up for the entire series so you don’t miss a thing!

Now we’ve finished the first week of Homeschool High School Made Easy. We’ve looked at why we homeschool our teens, how to prepare for the high school years, and how to simplify things with our teaching style and our student’s learning style.

YOUR Homeschool High School Made Easy

Are you ready to simplify your own homeschool? Is it time to make high school easy again? Let’s take action on what we’ve learned so far:

1 Find your whyHave you thought through and listed all the reasons you are homeschooling? Are you and your spouse on the same page in your homeschool efforts? Can you tell yourself, your student, your friends why you are homeschooling through the high school years? Take some time to list your reasons and share them with someone.

2 Connect with your purpose. What is your role in homeschooling, mom? Are you taking on more than you should? Meditate on this verse.

3 Get ready. Is your teen prepared for high school work? Check this list, then make plans to shore up the skills he may be lacking.

4 Capture the big picture. Are you clear what happens each year in high school? Do you know what you need to do this year, and what can wait for next year? Take a look at this year-by-year overview to see where you are in your journey.

5 Know your unique style. How clear are you on your student’s learning style . . . and how to maximize it? How confident are you about your own teaching style . . . and how it works in high school? Take some time to study this overview to find that happy sweet spot in your own unique homeschool style.

6 Envision a typical week. Ok, stop laughing, we all know there’s no typical week. But have you imagined how a calm, productive, manageable week would work for your teen? Have you worked with your teen to find how to best manage their time and responsibilities? Peek at my daughter’s weekly routine, then outline your own.

Next week, we’ll be looking at academic subjects your high school student will be tackling . . . and how you can make these seemingly weighty subjects easier to master.

What changes are you making to simplify YOUR high school homeschool?


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