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English | Homeschool High School Made Easy 11

English is the one academic subject that directly influences success in every future academic and career pursuit.

So how do we pass on the keys to English success to our students? How do we ensure our high schoolers have what it takes both to communicate effectively as adults and to evaluate what they are seeing, hearing, and reading in the world? We simply build on their language arts foundation systematically for the entirety of the high school years.

I am going to lay out this foundation in pretty broad, general terms and allow you to customize it to fit your student best. You know where your own student’s strengths and weaknesses lie, and you know your own student’s individual talents and interests best. So here’s a sample plan to tackle four years of English study at the high school level.

If you view high school English as a spiral that continues from the student’s middle school years through graduation, you can see how new skills are added while the main idea — writing —  is built into all of it. Just like in elementary school, your high school student must be reading and writing every week of every year. You are just going to kick it up a notch each semester, adding the skill or reinforcing the weakness that your student faces.

Simply build on the student’s language arts foundation systematically for the entirety of the high school years.


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