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Science | Homeschool High School Made Easy 13

Science is hard, science is messy, science is required so we can’t get around it. Science is also essential. Our fast-moving world is propelled forward by the scientific advances of the past century, this new scientific revolution that has changed every part of our lives from birth to communication to transportation to recreation. The science classes I endured as a homeschool teen over two decades ago contained a wealth of information that neither I nor my parents could anticipate would be so important. Before I had the opportunity to begin teaching the same to my own teens, these seemingly dry facts and diagrams had become the basis of ethical, political, and societal dilemmas we all face every day:

  • nutrition, diet, and food safety
  • health, wellness, and vaccinations
  • reproduction, reproductive rights, and so-called family planning
  • controlled substances, chemical and biological warfare, and legalized drugs
  • ecology, recycling, and environmental activism
  • satellite communication, space travel, and the search for life on other planets

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the above list was barely discussed in my science textbooks, and definitely not to the extent they are debated on social media today. What further scientific knowledge will fuel the worldview issues of our teen’s generation?

We can’t know it all. And for most of us who are not scientists, we can’t even comprehend most of it. It behooves us, however, to prepare our teens for the coming questions they will face.

This, then, is our goal for high school science: not merely to pass the required courses for graduation, to fulfill the arbitrary lab requirements, and to check off the worksheet questions, but also to provide our students with the knowledge to comprehend the basis of modern scientific study and to discern the inherent moral and spiritual values.

Ok, no pressure, but science gets to the heart of your homeschool why. Take a deep breath and look back at your homeschool why statement. Then make sure you are fully prepared to prioritize those important goals in your science studies.


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