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Electives | Home School High School Made Easy 14

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  1. Great article! I was terrified when my first child graduated and went to college, not sure if I had made a mess of her education or not. She ended up doing great. I cover the credits much like you have done. One fun elective for my son’s growing love for numismatic, the study of coins, was to apprentice him in the local coin shop. He worked for free and the owner taught him what he knew. It was wonderful and a lot of fun.

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      • Thanks Lea Ann. It came out of desperation. When we ran through the books and didn’t know what else to learn, working at the coin shop was the best idea I could come up with. My son is 21 now, and he beats coin dealers on coin grading testing. He is already getting paid to evaluate people’s coin collections. I imagine he will be dealing with coins at some level his whole life. Homeschooling is just so creative and fun. My kids love to learn.

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