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Developing New Friendships | Homeschool High School Made Easy 18

Though we parents notice our teen’s rapidly-changing relationship with us during the high school years, for your son or daughter, these relationships with friends represent the biggest social change. In fact, this growing need for friendship may be how your teen defines himself as a person during this period of his life.

Homeschool moms often have conflicting feelings about this urge for outside relationships. Accustomed to our somewhat isolated lifestyle as busy moms and homeschoolers, we may have such frantic schedules that we don’t have a lot of close friends ourselves, outside the house. And we’re doing fine, right? (Well, not exactly. But that’s a conversation for Rocking Ordinary.)

I’m not talking about getting your girl into the popular clique. And I’m not encouraging your son to spend more time on the streets. I am reminding all of us that since homeschoolers have the corner on socialization, we need to bring our A-game to the high school years.

One of the surprising things about our changing relationship with our teens is this shift away from being the sole resource for everything. As homeschool parents, we poured into our children nearly everything they knew — morally, academically, socially, practically. It’s actually quite satisfying as they grow to look back and say, “I taught him everything he knows.”


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