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Teens Driving and the Scary World Out There | Homeschool High School Made Easy 21

While our teens are busy completing courses and filling up transcripts, they are fast becoming young adults, taking giant strides out the door of our home into the exciting adult world beckoning them.

This hits home dramatically when our teen gets his first driver’s license. Yes, we take them out practicing and celebrate their first vehicle and take pictures of them holding their new license, but meanwhile, our hearts are screaming, “NO! Don’t go! Don’t drive away just yet!” But drive away they must, out into the wild blue yonder (or maybe into the mailbox).

It is scary when teens drive off. Will they come home? When? Will they get into trouble? How much? Finding a balance between protecting and empowering, teaching and training, discipline and grace is never so difficult as when letting the teen drive. A few reminders helped me stay (relatively) calm:

from the book Homeschool High School Made Easy, how to help students drive away responsibly

It is time to let them practice adulting. Teens can’t grow up unless we allow them to practice being responsible. They must drive off, stand on their own, and choose what kind of person they will be.

Teen driving represents a huge milestone in your young person’s life — and in yours. With grace, guidelines, and some good tissues, you’ll survive this stage and maybe even look back at it fondly.


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