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Social Checklist | Homeschool High School Made Easy 22

Let’s take some time to evaluate where we are with our own teens and find ways to help them right now.

Go through this checklist carefully, thinking about your high school student’s own situation. Where can you help him take the next step? What support or training does he need?

Homeschool High School Social Checklist

At home

Look back at some of our principles here.

  • Is your teen gravitating toward a different parent? Plan with your spouse ways to accommodate him.
  • Is your teen quiet, distant, too busy to talk, or moody? Find what environment or situations make it easier for him to talk, and make it as easy to come to you as possible.
  • Does your teen have more emotional outbursts or arguments? Recognize his growing pressures and frustrations on top of confusing hormonal changes. And try to recall how difficult everything seemed when you were his age!
  • Do you struggle with discipline? Try to focus on natural consequences of behavior instead of arbitrary punishments. Give one or two warnings (if he’s 10 minutes late from curfew, remind him he could lose his keys). Then follow through. Teens learn from their mistakes more than from our words, so these difficult times are crucial parenting moments.

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  1. Wow, what an excellent list of thoughtful points. It seems like parenting should be instinctive, but sometimes we need a gentle roadmap. Great advice I wish I’d had when my kids were teens.

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