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College or Not | Homeschool High School Made Easy 24

Welcome to the month-long series “Homeschool HIGH SCHOOL Made Easy,” a follow-up to the popular “Homeschool Made Easy” series (now published on kindle). I’m sharing tips from my experience as a homeschool graduate and homeschool mother, showing YOU how easy and enjoyable these high school years can be for you and your teen. Be sure to sign up for the entire series so you don’t miss a thing!

We are nearing the end of Homeschool High School Made Easy, bringing our final week to a close with a look at life after homeschool and how to get your student ready: college, career, transcripts, the whole nine yards.

After several years of bucking the educational system, many homeschool families find traditional college education difficult to imagine. Why go back into the classroom? Do students truly need another four years or more of education and tens of thousands of dollars of debt before beginning real life?


from the book Homeschool High School Made Easy, how to decide on college or career


Young people need to think through these issues themselves.

Taking these first steps into adulthood is scary, no matter how ready our young people are to graduate. Actually, I think the more mature and level-headed they are, the scarier this seems because they realize the tremendous responsibility they are taking on.

But it is their own life. We can’t force them to go to college, and we can’t choose what career they will take. It’s time for them to make their own life choices and forge their own path. Here are some more principles to make this decision easier, at least for you:


This post is an excerpt from my new book Homeschool High School Made Easy, available on Amazon. Get your copy today!

And don’t miss the prequel, Homeschool Made Easy.

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