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Choosing a College | Homeschool High School Made Easy 25


If your high school student is considering college, he will need to decide which colleges to apply to. And if your high school doesn’t want to go to college, he still should work through this process along with you to decide which is his least-hated school. Picking favorite schools, applying for admissions, finding scholarships, and determining a financial plan take time and effort. Most teens are not highly motivated to even think about these issues, let alone do the paperwork.

But that’s why we are the parents, to make them do things they don’t want to do.

How to Help your Homeschool High School Student Choose a College

There are three questions that will help guide you and your student toward the right college for him:

  • What career, interest, or ministry is God likely leading him toward?
  • What educational or philosophical priorities are most important to your family?
  • What campus culture fits the student best?

The intersection of these three areas contains a smaller group of schools that fit your student best. It’s the sweet spot of colleges that he will seriously consider and compare. But just like homeschooling philosophy or curriculum, it’s not the same for every student. That’s why you’ll want to help your student think through these issues.

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  1. This is an excellent post and very helpful. My 16-year-old is about to graduate and we need to start thinking about this college road. I’m hoping we can keep her close for another year or two, doing gen eds at the community college, but after that … Lots to decide!

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