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College Entrance Tests | Homeschool High School Made Easy 27

Besides creating a transcript, navigating college entrance exams is the next scariest issue for homeschooling high school. Parents and teens are understandably nervous because a lot of money is riding on the results of these tests.

And let me say right up front, this is another opportunity to keep a wise perspective on our homeschooling. No single test can measure the value of your homeschool. Write that down, post it in your lesson plan book and on your white board and on the refrigerator and on your first born son’s face. The value of your homeschool is infinitely greater than the sum of any test score.

Preparing Your Homeschool High School Student for College Entrance Exams

How do you help your student prepare for what may be the most important test he ever takes?

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And don’t miss the prequel, Homeschool Made Easy.

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